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Life is Strange 2 'Educating Daniel' video prepares you for December's final episode

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Life is Strange 2's fifth and final episode is coming December 3, and Dontnod Entertainment wants you to know how your behavior around your little brother matters. While everything you say and do in Life is Strange 2 affects the outcome of your story in both small and meaningful ways, Daniel's development is sorted neatly into two distinct categories: Morality and Brotherhood.

The video below contains spoilers for Life of Strange 2, though the video itself tells you when a spoiler is coming.

Some things you say and do will affect Daniel's morality state, which determines how the younger Diaz responds to events and circumstances. 'Educating Daniel' tells us that depending on how you act around Daniel, your younger brother could react to any given situation with kindness and consideration or selfishness. Likewise, the way you go about interacting with Daniel will decide how he feels about you specifically, including whether he'll trust you to make the right decisions. The choices you make in Life of Strange 2 can affect Daniel's Morality and Brotherhood states in different ways simultaneously, so just like in past episodes, you won't often find any one perfect choice.

The conclusion to Life of Strange 2 is likely to be a dramatic one, and depending on how your decisions stack up, heartbreaking as well. Prior episodes tell a weighty, often politically-charged story about two young brothers traveling as fugitives to Mexico after their father is killed by police. The final episode will almost undoubtedly see the Diaz brothers finally make it to their father's hometown, but at what cost is a question only your very specific series of decisions will answer. Best wishes, and go easy on yourself.

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