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The best games to buy right now

Wondering what to buy right now? GamesRadar has you covered.

We’ve built some killer lists focusing on the top games to buy from the past year. The best part? These lists will be continually updated, so anytime you check them you can be assured it’ll include the latest and greatest buying advice. Basically, whenever a new game is released, if we think it’s worthy of your time and hard-earned cash, we’ll see if it makes sense to bump off something else to make room for it. That way you’ll always know what our crack team of dedicated experts thinks is worthwhile – perfect for both hardcore gamers and casual players alike!

So where can you find these lists? Starting tomorrow, you can check the dropdown menus for each platform, where these lists will be permanently housed. Or, click through on the following links below.

Best Xbox 360 Games
Best PlayStation 3 Games
Best PC Games
Best Wii Games
Best 3DS Games
Best PSP Games
Best DS Games

We’ll be adding a lot more lists in the coming weeks and months, so be sure to turn to GamesRadar whenever you need the very best buying advice!