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Best Buy holding big video game Summer sale

Console gamers get kind of left out in the cold whenever the fantastic Steam Summer Sale comes around, but it looks like Best Buy is trying to emulate that success and bring the mega-sales to console gamers.

Their Summer Gaming Blowout sale includes a ton of big name games for pretty great prices including Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Madden 12, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Metroid: Other M. The list goes on, and most of them are available for more than 50% off. Though, keep in mind that Best Buy prices are notoriously behind-the-times. Metroid: Other M for instance is 90% off...the absurd price of $49.99. But regardless, $5 for Other M is a steal.

You'll also find a bunch of accessories like Bluetooth mics and gaming headsets. It's a great time to be a video gamer. These days it seems like companies can't discount their software fast enough, and gamers are reaping the benefits. We can't remember the last time we paid more than $30 for a non-launch title.

Need some recommendations in this list? Try out Other M, Sin and Punishment at just $5 each, as well as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dragon Age 2, and the God of War PSP games at $10 each.