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4K TV sale alert! Get one of Samsung's premium QLED screens for their lowest ever prices

4K TV sale alert! Get one of Samsung's premium QLED screens for their lowest ever prices
(Image credit: Samsung)

Taking advantage of a cheap 4K TV sale is always an exciting prospect, and when you've got gaming in mind, the excitement grows exponentially. We realise these are big purchases, too, which makes big discounts like the following all the more tempting tempting. Our favourite Samsung gaming TV, the QLED Q60R in its 65-inch form - which is number two on our best gaming TVs (opens in new tab) list - is down to $948 at Walmart (opens in new tab). That's definitely a worthwhile investment.

Every model in the whole Q60R range is reduced at Walmart (opens in new tab), and while the list price is a little inflated and only loosely represents the claimed saving, the 'lowest ever price' label is a factor that cannot be ignored. 

If you haven't quite got the spatial freedom or budget to go big then the 43-inch version is at an equally excellent price: you can nab it for $597.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab). A cracking price for a quality television.

The Q60R is the 'entry-level' model into Samsung's acclaimed QLED range, and they offer some of the most vibrant, sharp, and vividly colorful images you can get right now. Its emphasis is definitely on those colors as, while it doesn't quite do the deep blacks OLEDs can manage, its HDR is truly excellent. It also sports a 120Hz refresh rate and FreeSync (which are gaming monitor-levels of quality), speakers that are superior to most other 4K TVs, and Samsung's own solid Game Mode. 

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Samsung QLED Q60R 65-inch TV | $897.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
An absolute screamer of a deal. For less than $900 you can get one of the very best TVs going, at a seriously great size. And it'd be excellent for gaming and all your entertainment needs.

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Samsung QLED Q60R 43-inch TV | $597.99 at Walmart (opens in new tab)
A smaller panel size, sure, but you don't compromise on the quality with this deal. A snip of a price for a great 43-inch screen.

While the savings indicated here are from the original list prices which are not hard and fast after the TVs' launch, the general saving is still comfortably in the 100s-of-dollars territory so the value is undeniable.

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Rob Dwiar
Rob Dwiar

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