• Takashi - March 15, 2012 4:41 p.m.

    Where is my wolf mount?
  • kultakorppi - March 17, 2012 12:31 a.m.

    I think we'll get it in beta, this is alpha.
  • odine - March 14, 2012 5:37 p.m.

    so you guys are giving out duplicate beta keys! awesome... signed up for a key and its already in use... tried on another account and that one is in use.. good job! :( sadface please email me a good key
  • thepalmtoptiger - March 14, 2012 6:45 p.m.

    I'm getting the same issue.
  • kultakorppi - March 15, 2012 6:51 a.m.

    Did you type the heiphens too? If you didn't, that might be the cause.
  • GamesRadarTylerNagata - March 15, 2012 11:47 a.m.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll look into the matter and contact Perfect World. I apologize for any keys that did not work for you.
  • Takashi - March 15, 2012 4:43 p.m.

    I had the same problem but then I looked at my account on pwe under redeem keys and it said I was accepted and currently playing go check.
  • mathkool66 - March 14, 2012 5:25 p.m.

    i need a beta key <3
  • Remulus - March 13, 2012 12:27 a.m.

    I click on the get alpha key and nothing happens. What is going on with that.
  • redlupine - March 11, 2012 5:28 p.m.

    Never heard of it, but it looks like its trying to do something interesting. So, why not? I'm in.
  • Xenos - March 11, 2012 7:25 a.m.

    Thanks Tyler!
  • Robx - March 11, 2012 3:38 a.m.

    I f'cking love you Nagata.
  • essiy - March 10, 2012 9:11 p.m.

    Really? You again? T-dar means a lot to all of us, but seriously bro, chill. They go out of their way to record it, and I'm pretty sure they don't get paid for it either. If you want to hear them so badly, go listen to Lasertime, here's the link if you don't want to look it up yourself. Now quit your bitchin' already.

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