Would you kindly take part in the GamesRadar user survey. You could win £4000

It's hard to make a survey sound sexy. That is because they are inherently not sexy. However, they are incredibly useful and assist in the long-term mission of making things better. Which is something that everyone wants (with the possible exception of evil masterminds, belligerent alien invaders and brain-eating zombies).

Anyway, what we're saying is that there's a GamesRadar user survey and it would be beneficial if as many of you as possible could find the time to fill it out. To make this voluntary box-ticking process a more attractive prospect, there is a financially substantial carrot being dangled. If you participate in the survey and are a resident of the UK, you will be entered into a prize draw and stand a chance of winning £4000.

To take part in the GamesRadar user surveyCLICK HERE

Thanks in advance for taking the time.

Oct 14, 2010