Win a full-time job at GamesRadar UK!

Okay, so you can't actuallywin the job, we need you to apply and then impress us in an interview or two, but it's true -we do need a new writer (formal title? Section Editor)

A writer who wants to be part of the good ship GamesRadar and get paid (some) money to produce brilliant web content about videogame culture. And not get upset when they get flamed on blogs and forums.

For the full details on the GamesRadar section editor job application click here.

Think you're interested? Here's a few things you that will be expected of you:

- To come up with content ideas for the site on a daily basis.

- To understand why this....

- so much better than this

- To not cryyourself to sleep every night whenyou read stuff like this...

- ...and instead do this, mentally

Seriously, we need someone. And fast.

If you are looking for acareer in game writing we want to hear from you.Apply here.

So cancel that night out, stay in on the computer and crank out an applicationfor a job on GamesRadar. It won't be anywhere near as much fun!