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Watch the Gamescom Titanfall 2 multiplayer livestream and cheer on your faction

Titanfall 2 will give a major demo of its multiplayer next week at Gamescom 2016, and you're invited to watch. The Titanfall 2 Factions multiplayer event will pit YouTubers, Titanfall community stars, and pro gamers against one another over on the Titanfall Twitch channel, starting at 11am Pacific / 8pm CET on August 16.

Of course, since you're already here, you could also just watch the embedded version below: 

There's no prize other than bragging rights, so folks like "TheZombiUnicorn" and "Whiteboy7thst" will just have to be happy with the fact that they get to play the game so early.

If you're more interested in the Titanfall 2 single-player campaign, check out our E3 2016 interview with Respawn studio head Vince Zampella and producer Drew McCoy.

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