Watch Dogs 2 selfie analyzer says 10 of our favorite characters are 'bullies' and 'shady AF'

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Watch Dogs 2 has Things To Say about social media and Big Data, and it's letting you #jointheconversation by automatically analyzing your selfies. But regular faces are boring, so the GamesRadar+ news team spent a half hour feeding a bunch of characters from other games into Ubisoft's Selfie Reveal site.

Here's what Big Data has to tell us about our beloved heroes...

 The dog went to MIT, too 

 They're not totally wrong? 

 Seriously, Jensen's augs aren't cheap 

Pharah's grown and Ana's on the prowl 

Bully, serial killer, same neighborhood

 This goes without saying 

Desperate to survive, maybe

 He did his time

 Always bet on Shepard 

The star of Watch Dogs 2 needs uppers

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