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Football Manager 2020's new launch trailer is an interactive adventure

(Image credit: Sega of America)

Football Manager 2020 is almost here, and we've got a brand new trailer to celebrate. But this is no ordinary trailer. Here we get to make decisions that actually affect how the trailer plays out, which is part of the reason it's not an easy embed (but you can check it out here). For fans of Football Manager, it's an innovative delight that emphasizes one of the core concepts of Football Manager 2020 - that every decision matters.

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In the launch trailer, you're presented with a live-action, interactive scenario where you're an out-of-work manager trying to land a new gig at Hamburger SV or AS Saint-Etienne. Promote the wrong player or choose the wrong play and the deal falls apart, but make the right business decisions and the trailer ends with praise and success. At the very end you're prompted to either play the trailer again or "get early access." Pre-ordering Football Manager 2020 grants access to the beta, which the website says "is likely to be released at the end of October."

One of the key new features coming to Football Manager 2020 is the Development Centre. "One of the most engaging aspects of Football Manager is developing talent and unearthing wonderkids who you can turn into world-beaters in a few seasons’ time. In FM20 we’re making it easier for you to plan long-term and keep track of the progress of your youth teams with the all-new Development Centre," reads the official description.

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