The new Metro game will be here in 2017: "it all adds up to something" UPDATED

[UPDATE] Deep Silver has issued a statement to say that while it has 'ambitious plans' for the Metro series a new game in 2017 isn't one of them. 

[ORIGINAL STORY] Looks like we could be getting a new instalment in the Metro series next year if a website for the new book is anything to go by. 

Metro 2035 is the final book in the series by author Dmitry Glukhosky. It's currently up for pre-order and comes out in December, promising it will "terminate the story of Artyom", its hero. 

However, while the written story might be finishing, a website for the book makes this promise: 

Developer 4A has previously stated it was working on a new Metro game and some sort of story-driven “sandbox-style experience," although it's unclear if these are the same thing. If that date is correct, though, then we should be finding out something pretty soon. 

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