Spurious Awards Of The Week

New Olympic Sports Of The Week

Sith Golf in Warehouse 13 .

Extreme Teabagging in Alphas .

On the starting blocks for the 100m While Covered In Papiér Maché in Sinbad .

The Nudist Steeplechase (when they’ve forgotten to clear the stadium out after Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony) in True Blood .

Olympic Pep Talk Of The Week

You have to love Coach’s pep talk to the lacrosse team in Teen Wolf t his week. We honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some US coaches at the Olympics have been reciting the president’s speech from Independence Day .

Olympians Of The Week

Hmm, we’re sure dope testing must have something to say about gamma radiation. And being a god. By Deviant Artist scargeear .

Unexpected Fan Of The Week

Turns out that Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is a fan of a certain other TV Doctor. “I’m a psychotic Doctor Who fan,” she told Entertainment Weekly . “If you are at all interested in television that's taking chances then, yeah, I think you like Doctor Who . It's completely different from anything that's on network television here, or even on cable." She also tried to hire Karen Gillan for one of her new projects: “I think she's really, really talented. But apparently she's doing a movie next, so we couldn't get her."

Wedding Cake Of The Week

After an absence of, oooh, probably all of about one week, the Wedding Cake Of The Week Award is back. But resistance to awarding this one was futile. Good grief, it even has internal light. Assimilate that? Yes please. It was the creation of Redditor pat_inthehat who rather understatedly posted, “My Aunt makes wedding cakes. Today she made a Borg Cube.” [via IO9 ]

Compare And Contrast Of The Week



See, something good can come out of something bad.

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Lego Project Of The Week

Adrian Drake spent 475 hours creating this seven-foot-long shiny masterpiece. He’s even recreated some of the interiors. There’s lots, lots more to gawp at here . [via giantfreakinrobot ]

Log Cabin Of The Week

This video manages something quite unique – it’s both gross and oddly beautiful at the same time. Love the animation style. And after you’ve watched it, you’ll understand the headline.

If Only Of The Week

By Deviant Artist tinderbox210 .

Alternative Ending Of The Week


Bad Pun Of The Week

Oh my god! It’s Darth Mail! [via GeekAreSexy ]

Coolness Of The Week

We kinda assumed these were just some Photoshop mock-ups when we first saw them (and we’re still pretty sure there’s some Photoshop enhancement) but no – they are actually going to go on sale in the States: horror-themed ice lollies, from ice cream maker and clothing designer Stoyn. Not sure about some of the flavours, and even though we presume Pinhead’s nails are made of something edible, they still look painful. But they’re still a damned brilliant idea. [via geekologie ]

Reimagining Of The Week

Pac-Man gets the Tron treatment.

PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film) from Steelehouse Productions on Vimeo .

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