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Unexpected Cameo Of The Week

[VAMS id="0M9QzD6U27PNk" bc="1731386684001" url="sinbad-leaves-port-0M9QzD6U27PNk"]

Suddenly, in the middle of the premiere of Sky One’s cracking new adventure series Sinbad (Sundays, 7pm) we couldn’t believe our ears. Is the Providence really leaving port accompanied by the jingle from Who Wants To be A Millionaire ?

Fetish Of The Week

Teen Wolf ’s Jackson is relieved to hear the hose pipe ban has been lifted.

Remake Of The Week


Here’s one for all of you who think that Harrison Ford is a little too wrinkly to play Indiana Jones these days.

Novelty Alarm Clock Of The Week

Looks like Ruby in True Blood has put it on Snooze, though…

Trailer Of The Week


If only film trailers were this good. Imagine what The Dark Knight Rises trailer would have been like set to “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”!

No Shit, Sherlock Of The Week

It’s not just students at American universities who beggar belief by researching into the bleeding obvious. This week SFX received a press release from the University of Leicester proudly informing us, “Physics students have calculated that the superhero's method of using his cape to glide from tall buildings – as seen in Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins – would result in him hitting the ground at life-threateningly high speeds.” The paper, entitled Trajectory Of A Falling Batman was published in this year’s University of Leicester Journal of Special Physics Topics. What else was on offer? A paper on how being bitten by a radioactive spider is unlikely to give you super powers, because the spider would be dead?

Birth Of The Week


The time-lapse creation of a stop-motion character. That’s almost poetry.

Nostalgia Of The Week

A gorgeous tribute to those sci-fi heroes of the ’70s by Deviant Artist dusty-abell . “It has been one of the funnest things I've ever done,” he says. It was well worth it, we say. Click on the image for a larger version.

Potential Theme Park Attraction Of The Week


Opening tonight at the San Diego Comic-Con: a Walking Dead obstacle course, at $75 dollars a pop. The idea is simple: you run through an apocalyptic landscape complete with dead bodies, lots of blood, crashed cars and walkers hungry for your flesh. Every zombie will have special material on their undead hands to mark you with. At the end of the course you'll get scanned by a blue light to see if you were “infected”. It’s genius. We want it installed at Blackpool Pleasure Beach now.

Crossover Of The Week


With Christopher Nolan wrapping his Batman trilogy, maybe this is the way forward for the next reboot?

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Game Of Thrones Reinvention Of The Week 1

Game Of Thrones map in Mario World style. [via Reddit ]

Game Of Thrones Reinvention Of The Week 1

The Westeros American Football league by Noemi Twigg. Click on the image to see them in their original glory. [via forevergook ]

Fashion Disaster Of The Week

Well, it could have been this… (did they actually have to make a He-Man romper suit big enough for Jason, or does somewhere actually sell these things? We’ve heard of weirder fetishes…)

But, to be honest, Jason kinda pulls it off. So instead the true fashion disaster is this…

Converse and DC have produced some seriously cool Batman All-Stars over the years, but these are just hideous. It would make sense if the film was “family entertainment” and they were aimed at four-year-olds, but it’s not. Even Jason in his romper suit might baulk at these.

Vehicle Of The Week

A Batman tumbler golf cart for when a superhero needs to swing into action. [via themarysue.com ]

Public Information Service Of The Week

[Via etsy.com ]

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