Spurious Awards Of The Week

Short and sweet this week, but with a very festive sci-fi feel

Lightshow Of The Week

A festive opening volley for you here, with some Christmas lights awesomely synchronised to the theme music from Skyrim .

Bowel Movement Of The Week

The giant from the Jack The Giant Killer trailer looks like he could do with a change of diet; that’s one hell of a log he’s producing there. At least we hope that’s what it is, because if it’s his, erm, third leg, we feel sorry for the lady giants.

Cameo Of The Week

Proof positive that SFX is part of the zeitgeist: we were one of the answers on highbrow BBC4 quiz show Only Connect ’s Connecting wall special. Even better, we were one of the clues on the grand finalé wall, which both of the finalist teams had to tackle. And both teams made the connection (monthly magazines) having spotted SFX first. We can only ponder that they had the idea for that particular grouping after our own deputy editor, Richard Edwards, appeared on the show earlier this year.

Most Bizarre Star Wars Skit Of The Week

After Chewbacca appeared to Artie in a dream, the kids in the Glee Christmas special decided to perform a homage to the infamous Star Wars holiday special. This involved Finn and Puckerman dressed as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and singing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”. It was definitely an authentic homage: it was crap.

$150 Dollars Well Spent Of The Week

CVs are so passé, dah-ling. If you want a job in the film industry nowadays, you need to make a trailer for your talents and stick it on YouTube. Which is what Alex Popov has done with Goliath , an unashamed attempt “concept trailer” in search of a studio. It only cost him $150, apparently, and was shot in six days. We’re a bit suspicious of his claim, though, that it was a “one-man effort”, unless he’s a true master of disguise and played all the characters as well.

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Image Of The Week

“Invaded Scream” by Invader [via The Daily What ]

Remake Of The Week

Robot Chicken does Indiana Jones ? Nah, it’s actually an animator called Jeff Gurwood, and while he may be no Ray Harryhausen yet, you’ve got to admire some of the attention to detail. [Via Blastr ]

Christmas Decorations Of The Week

Star Wars snowflakes. Ahhh, pretty. Find out how to make them here .

Challenge Of The Week

Sit through this in its entirety…

Flash Mob Of The Week

Darth Vader turns up at Algonquin College to lead a conduct a flash mob singing Carol Of The Bells. We’re not sure why, but that thing he’s standing in sure does look like one of the pods from the Galactic Senate.

Extreme Makeover Of The Week

Is it just us, or does anyone else think that Jon Culshaw is funnier when he’s targeting geekier subjects?

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