Satoru Iwata surveys the world of smiles he helped create in an animated tribute

In a little over three months, it will have been a year since Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata passed away at the age of 55 (opens in new tab). The Game Developers Choice Awards paused its ceremony last night to honor the late leader with a bittersweet animated short, and you can watch it right here. Fair warning: you should probably have some tissues on hand before you press play. But it's a good cry, honest.

Iwata made his famous "Heart of a Gamer" speech (opens in new tab) as the keynote for GDC 2005. That was just months after the launch of Nintendo DS, the first new Nintendo console released under his leadership, and months before the Wii would be revealed at E3. Iwata had a lot to prove when he gave that speech, and if the tears shed over that tribute 11 years later are any indication, his work bore out.

Oh, and if that animation style looked familiar to you, it may be because Braid (opens in new tab) illustrator David Hellman worked on the short - further proving his talent for animating adorable little men in suits.

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