Raven passes on new Soldier of Fortune game

Rumors circulating yesterday on the return of Activision's ultra-violent FPS series Soldier of Fortune are indeed true, according to follow-up reports.

Kenn Hoekstra, a former employee of Raven Software that developed the SOF games, has posted on Blue's News forums confirming the existence of Pay Back, at the same time informing that Raven is not actually developing the sequel and "it's Activision Value that's publishing it."

As to who is developing Pay Back, it's thought it could be Cauldron (opens in new tab), which developed sci-fi FPS Chaser and the somewhat, er, rubbish hack-n-slash game Knights of the Temple 2.

Activision Value suggests Pay Back could be some kind of bundle of the original Soldier of Fortune games with spruced up graphics rather than a full-blown sequel, but we'll have to wait for the official word from the horse's mouth.

Activision was unable to elaborate when contacted earlier.

June 28, 2007