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How to find every single newspaper and Daily Bugle headline in Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 game is filled with Daily Bugle headlines and newspapers, so it’s no surprise that there’s a collectible linked to them. There are 28 to find in total, and they’re all linked to the main storyline. BUT - and this is a big one - they’re also tied to the events of the main missions and unlock depending on how far you’re through the game. 

The way it works is this: You do a mission, and a new headline pops up in the red newspaper dispensers throughout the city. You go to a newspaper dispenser, press triangle, and you’ll be shown the front page of the daily bugle that relates to the story milestone you just saw. Do another mission, get another get the idea. So here are the missions that unlock every single headline. To save you some time, here's every single headline you can get in the game. 

You don’t get anything for collecting all of them besides the satisfaction of a job well done. Plus the entirety of this article is filled with spoilers as the headlines reflect the events of the main story so...maybe only read this once you’ve completed the game. You have been warned. Scroll past MJ below to start finding those Daily Bugle headlines and newspapers.

1. MISSION: My other OTHER job HEADLINE: Kingpin knocked down 

2. MISSION: Keeping the peace HEADLINE: Off the streets...into homes

3. MISSION: Something old something new / Fisk hideout HEADLINE: Your tax dollars not at work

4. MISSION: Landmarking / For she's a jolly good fellow / Don't touch the art HEADLINE: Disorganised crime

5. MISSION: A shocking comeback HEADLINE: Art attack

6. MISSION: The Mask / Day to Remember HEADLINE: Big shock

7. MISSION: Harry’s passion project / Financial shock / Snapping up smog / Wheels within wheels HEADLINE: What campaign?

8. MISSION: Home sweet home / Stakeout / Couch surfing HEADLINE: Gang war

9. MISSION: And the award goes to... HEADLINE: 100% chance of crane

10. MISSION: Dual purpose HEADLINE: Cowards