All Marvel's Spider-Man Daily Bugle newspaper locations

Marvel's Spider-Man
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The Marvel's Spider-Man Daily Bugle newspapers and headlines are collectibles it's very easy to miss, as most player's don't spend their time exploring the world at street level when you could be swinging around hundreds of feet in the air. Nonetheless, the Daily Bugle is a collectible as valid as any other, though maybe a little less rewarding - there are no suits, prizes or Trophies unlocked for getting all of them, sadly, not even any progress towards 100% completion. It's all for added content and context, as well as just the simple love of the sport, though for some that might be more than enough to have the excuse to keep swinging about. For those who find that a good enough reason to get out there and hunt down those newspaper clippings, here's how to get all the Marvel's Spider-Man Daily Bugle newspapers and headlines, whether you're playing the Remastered, PS4, PS5 or PC version.

1. MISSION: My other OTHER job HEADLINE: Kingpin knocked down 

2. MISSION: Keeping the peace HEADLINE: Off the streets...into homes

3. MISSION: Something old, something new / Fisk hideout HEADLINE: Your tax dollars not at work

4. MISSION: Landmarking / For she's a jolly good fellow / Don't touch the art HEADLINE: Disorganised crime

5. MISSION: A shocking comeback HEADLINE: Art attack

6. MISSION: The Mask / Day to Remember HEADLINE: Big shock

7. MISSION: Harry’s passion project / Financial shock / Snapping up smog / Wheels within wheels HEADLINE: What campaign?

8. MISSION: Home sweet home / Stakeout / Couch surfing HEADLINE: Gang war

9. MISSION: And the award goes to... HEADLINE: 100% chance of crane

10. MISSION: Dual purpose HEADLINE: Cowards

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