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All Spider-Man Remastered Daily Bugle newspaper locations

The Spider-Man Remastered Daily Bugle newspapers and headlines aren't one of the most obvious collectibles. After all, whether you're on PC, PS4 or PS5, who spends their time on ground level? However, you'll have to drop down to grab them where you can from newspaper dispensers, each one of which offers players a copy of the Daily Bugle with details on the most recent events in the game. 

Here’s how it works: once you complete a mission in Spider-Man Remastered, a new headline will appear on the newspapers in the red dispensers located throughout the city. Locate one of these newspaper dispensers, interact with it, and you’ll be shown the front page of a copy of the Daily Bugle that relates to the mission you just completed. Complete another mission, get another headline… and so on and so on. Below, you can find the missions that trigger every single headline, so you know the relevant transitionary moments, all the way to the Spider-Man PS4 ending.

You don’t get anything for finding all the Daily Bugles (trophies, suits, collectibles and so on) for collecting all of the headlines, except – of course – the satisfaction of a job well done. It goes without saying that the article below is filled to the brim with spoilers that’ll take you right to the end of the game, so fair warning: scroll down to find out how to get all the Spider-Man Remastered Daily Bugle newspapers and headlines.

1. MISSION: My other OTHER job HEADLINE: Kingpin knocked down 

2. MISSION: Keeping the peace HEADLINE: Off the streets...into homes

3. MISSION: Something old something new / Fisk hideout HEADLINE: Your tax dollars not at work

4. MISSION: Landmarking / For she's a jolly good fellow / Don't touch the art HEADLINE: Disorganised crime

5. MISSION: A shocking comeback HEADLINE: Art attack

6. MISSION: The Mask / Day to Remember HEADLINE: Big shock

7. MISSION: Harry’s passion project / Financial shock / Snapping up smog / Wheels within wheels HEADLINE: What campaign?

8. MISSION: Home sweet home / Stakeout / Couch surfing HEADLINE: Gang war

9. MISSION: And the award goes to... HEADLINE: 100% chance of crane

10. MISSION: Dual purpose HEADLINE: Cowards

Zoe Delahunty-Light
Zoe Delahunty-Light

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