All Marvel's Spider-Man Daily Bugle newspaper locations

11. MISSION: Hidden agenda / Dinner date / Up the water spout / A fresh start HEADLINE: The cavalry

12. MISSION: What’s in the box / Back to school HEADLINE: High rise horror

13. MISSION: Spider hack / Uninvited HEADLINE: Crisis on campus

14. MISSION: Strong connections / First day / Collision course HEADLINE: Security vs freedom

15. MISSION: The one that got away HEADLINE: Urban warfare

16. MISSION: Breakthrough / Reflection / Out of the frying pan HEADLINE: Terror on the tracks 

17 - 18 MISSION: Into the fire HEADLINES: Quarantine / Sinister Six

19. MISSION: Picking up the trail HEADLINE: There goes the neighbourhood 

20. MISSION: Streets of poison / Supply run / Heavy hitter HEADLINE: Shock to the heart

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