Days Gone IPCA tech - where to find it all and unlock the secret weapon

Days Gone IPCA tech secret weapon

You can find Days Gone IPCA tech throughout the game, although you'll have no idea why until the end. HOWEVER, you'll unlock a secret weapon if you get them all so it's really worth it. The trouble is you can't unlock it until the credits roll on the Days Gone. So, coming up, we'll outline all the Days Gone IPCA tech locations on a map, show you how to reach them and then detail who to get the secret weapon and what it does at the bottom with a clear spoiler warning to make sure you only see what you need to see. 

The whole process of putting together the covert weapon once you have all the Days Gone IPCA tech revolves around unlocking a Days Gone secret ending (which we won't spoil here). Once you've completed all the requirements you'll find out that the Days Gone IPCA tech is used to construct a secret NERO weapon. To do that, though, you'll h ave to find 18 pieces of IPCA tech, so follow our guide as we've got every Days Gone IPCA tech location covered.

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Where to find Days Gone IPCA tech

Days Gone IPCA tech secret weapon

You can only find Days Gone IPCA tech at NERO checkpoints or Research Sites, where you'll also find NERO injectors. The tech only appears on the body of white suited NERO scientists, which can be quite well hidden - you'll need to look out for various states of decay, corpse in pieces, and partially buried or obscured bits. The key thing is that the remains will always be wearing what's left of a white hazmat suit. Because they're not always obvious, and not every NERO location has one, you can have a bit of search on. The map below will cut that work out and also help you relocate any NERO Research Sites you might have lost, as once you’ve used the NERO Injector they disappear from the map. Checkpoints, on the other hand, function as fast travel markers so will always be visible on the map. 

Every Days Gone IPCA tech location

Days Gone IPCA tech secret weapon

Coming up is the location of every piece of Days Gone IPCA tech on the map. If you’re going to try and get them all you’ll need nitrous equipped on your bike, and preferably a better engine than you start with - some locations will need you to jump a ramp to reach them and the faster your top speed the easier it’ll be. Wherever you go, remember you’re looking for a white suited scientist's body, the yellow suits don’t count. Now, here they all are: 

  1. During the early mission to find sterile bandages for Boozer you’ll find a dead NERO scientist inside the Little Bear Lake NERO Checkpoint building and some IPCA tech on him to introduce it. 
  2. At the Old Pioneer Cemetery NERO checkpoint there’s a white suited scientist and some IPCA tech in the tent next to the checkpoint building.  
  3. You can find some IPCA tech at the Iron Butte Pass NERO checkpoint in a white trailer near the Ripper gate.
  4. To find the IPCA tech at the Horse Lake NERO checkpoint look at the NERO base so the train is behind it, and then look for a sandbag protected ledge on the right, over the road. You’ll find a white suited scientist’s body and the tech in that sandbagged area.
  5. At the Marion Forks Tunnel NERO checkpoint look for the blue portaloos and you’ll find the IPCA tech on a white suited scientist’s body there.
  6. You’ll need to jump a small gap in the road on your bike here to reach the crashed NERO helicopter and research station. When you’ve made the jump you’ll find the scientist’s body and tech by the crashed chopper. 
  7. There’s another bike jump here and you’ll find the ramp to reach the island, and the IPCA tech, where the land is closest to it.
  8. Another jump here so find the Research Site and you’ll see the ramp nearby. You’ll find the IPCA tech on a body lying across some tarpaulin once you’ve made the leap.
  9. Head to the Redwood RV Park Ambush Camp fast travel point (if you’ve cleared it out) and then take the road away. Look for a tree trunk stretched between two rocky hills on either side of the road and then look for a ramp on the higher side to jump over, to where a NERO chopper is, on your bike. The IPCA tech is in a tented, covered area above the helicopter.
  10. Leave the Pillette Bridge NERO checkpoint, head over the road and past the tent until you see a ledge you can climb on to the right. Head up there and you’ll find a white suited scientist’s body ahead to the right with some IPCA tech on it.
  11. The Chemult Community College NERO checkpoint base has some IPCA tech hidden away on a body in one of the white warehouses south of the main base’s buildings.
  12. Fast travel to the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway NERO checkpoint and you should see a fallen spotlight flashing by a storm drain just outside. Head into the drain to find a white suited scientist with some IPCA tech way at the back.
  13. At the Santiam Tunnel Nero checkpoint there’s some IPCA tech behind the tent opposite the base. Look for a ledge with a hole in the fence above it, behind the tent, and climb up to find a white suited scientist’s body and tech. You can also reach this area from a ledge to the left of the checkpoint’s entrance as you face the tunnel but it’s mined so maybe don’t. 
  14. Face away from the Old Sawmill checkpoint and head out: you’ll find a pond behind the NERO checkpoint with a partly submerged body in it and some IPCA tech. 
  15. You’ll need to find a path leading up to a rock ramp to reach the crashed helicopter on a ledge with your bike. When you land look for a ledge to the right that you can climb and follow it around to reach the chopper where you’ll find the white suited scientist body and IPCA tech near a shelter. 
  16. The Rogue Tunnel Nero checkpoint has some IPCA tech on a scientist’s body in the tent with RIP written on it. 
  17. At the Spruce Lake Nero checkpoint stand in the camp facing the blocked tunnel and turn left. You’ll see a slope heading up between some wooden fencing (there might be a red explosive crate as well if you’ve not blown it up). Follow the path around, up and to the left, until you end up on top of the higher area you were just walking around. You should see a beer pong game set up on the ground and the white suited scientist’s body and IPCA tech is just in the trees next to it.
  18. There’s are two islands here, with a NERO research site on the second. First jump to the nearest with your bike using the ramp on the shore. Then you can swim across to the second where you’ll find a white suited scientist’s body and IPCA tech near the NERO injector.

How to get the Days Gone Secret Weapon

Obviously more spoilers here, so don't look past this screen until you’ve found all the tech, if you want to discover what it is for yourself…

Days Gone IPCA tech secret weapon

Okay, completing the final secret mission that unlocks after you’ve finished the game will give you the crafting recipe for an 'Unknown NERO Weapon'. The recipe will sit in your handgun slot until you have all 18 pieces of IPCA tech needed to make it. 

Days Gone IPCA tech secret weapon

Crafting it with all the tech you find will give you the IPCA stun gun originally used by Siphon Filter star Gabe Logan (a PS1 era Sony Bend game). It’s even got Gabe’s initials on it.  

Days Gone IPCA tech secret weapon

It’ll not only stun enemies you hit, but eventually also set fire to them if you don’t let go of the trigger. It’s evil, but oh so much fun.

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