How to store weapons in Days Gone, use your gun locker and be ready for anything

How to store weapons in Days Gone

Being able to store weapons in Days Gone and use the gun locker is something that makes a huge difference to how you get on. Being able to change weapons, and have access to other options, lets you make better choices about what gear to take on a mission. But, somehow, Days Gone makes a simple concept a complicated procedure. Depending on the mission at hand you might want some big firepower, range, or a more balanced load out. The Days Gone weapon locker exists purely for this reason - storing your best guns for later, and letting you swap things around depending on what you want. As we mentioned, however, the bad news is that the game doesn't really explain how it all works very clearly. To help you we've got details on how to store weapons in Days Gone. Remember, this will only work with guns you've unlocked or bought.

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The Days Gone weapon locker

There are a lot of guns in Days Gone that vary in condition, damage and overall effectiveness. Some you find in the world, some you buy, and a few you'll earn for completing missions and storylines. You'll want to switch them up from time to time because while a heavy hitting LMG is great against the horde, it's less useful if you want to snipe through an ambush camp. That's where the Days Gone gun locker comes in.

Any weapons you unlock through the story or buy are automatically added here. You can then find it at any of your safehouses - it's the hard to miss giant safe with 'Safe' written on it. It can also be accessed from any weapon vendors you meet as you play on the far right after 'Weapons' and 'Supplies'. 

How to store weapons in Days Gone

How to store weapons in Days Gone

Anything you've bought or earned in game will sit in the Deacon's gun locker, ready to be selected and used as your Primary, Sidearm or Special weapon. However, that's it: you can't store anything you pick up in the world. It's a pain because at the start of the game you'll often find better guns lying around. If you want to keep them, then you'll have to... keep them. They can't be saved and often you'll be forced to drop them and lose them forever aanyway, either because you've run out of ammo, or because you need to use something else. 

How to store weapons in Days Gone

At the start this can be annoying, but as you earn trust with survivor camps you'll unlock newer and improved weapons permanently. It doesn't take too long in Days Gone before you can buy equivalent or better guns compared what you might pick up, and some weapons can only be bought. So while it's annoying to not be able to store found weapons initially, it all evens out because you'll eventually end up with all the best guns in your weapon locker. 

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