Days Gone Horde locations - where to find all the hordes of Freakers

Days Gone Horde locations

Finding Days Gone Horde locations is the best and worst bit of the game. On the one hand you get to see the iconic Freaker hordes - hundreds of feral Freakers pouring from caves and buildings to try and reach you. But, on the other hand, you have to deal with hundreds of feral Freakers pouring from caves and buildings to try and reach you. 

It's spectacular sight though and there are 40 separate Days Gone hordes to be found on the map. Finding them is one thing though, dealing with these Days Gone enemies can be brutally difficult if you're not prepared and packing plenty of firepower. Our guide to the Days Gone Horde locations includes a map to help you find all them all, while out separate guide on how to take down a horde in Days Gone will help you survive the moment. 

The Days Gone Horde maps below detail where you can find the hordes when they're asleep during the day. At night the leave these spots and roam, so plan accordingly. Some hoards can be easier at night if they wander past hazards and bottle necks, while others are better to take out during the day when you can attack them while they're trapped. There’s three hordes you fight as part of the story that don't appear on the map as you have to 'find' them.You also can't find all of the Days Gone Hordes until you've finished the game, as some only appear after the credits have rolled.

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Days Gone Horde locations: Cascades

There's eight Days Gone Horde locations to be found in Cascades:

  • White King Mine Horde: In the north-west corner of Cascades, cross a small wooden bridge and the White King Mine Horde are... well, inside the mine.
  • Death Train Horde: Moving south and you'll find the Death Train Horde right next to the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint, sleeping in the train carriages during the day.
  • Horse Lake Horde: Along the road heading east from the Horse Lake NERO Checkpoint, this Horde sleeps in a cave on the left.
  • O'Leary Mountain Horde: Directly north of the safehouse where Boozer stays during the first segment of the game, inside a cave that goes into the mountain.
  • Little Bear Lake Horde: Right above the Little Bear Lake NERO Checkpoint, down a slope and in a cave.
  • Grotto Caves Horde: West of the Old Pioneer Cemetery NERO Checkpoint, just north of the car park on the hill.
  • Cascade Highway Horde: Directly north of Horse Creek Ambush Camp, past the railway bridge and in the side of the mountain on the east.
  • Proxy Falls Horde: Over the stone bridge south of Horse Creek Ambush Camp, inside a cave.

Days Gone Horde locations: Belknap

Belknap has seven Days Gone Horde locations for you to find:

  • Bear Creek Hot Springs Horde: Directly west of the Bear Creek Hot Springs Ambush Camp, inside a cave near where you visit Sarah's memorial site.
  • Patjens Lakes Horde: Inside Rebel Rock Cave, north-west from Hot Springs camp, left of the short bridge.
  • Lava Arch Horde: Inside Lava Arch, the small cave with rope fences on either side of the walkway in the very middle of Belknap.
  • Shadow Lake Horde: North of the Marion Forks Tunnel NERO Checkpoint, at the very top of Shadow Lake inside a cave.
  • Marion Forks Horde: Directly south of Marion Forks, inside a small cave on the east side of the road.
  • Belknap Crater Horde: Inside a cave north-west from the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.
  • Twin Craters Horde: In the very south-east corner of Belknap, inside a cave south-east of the gas station.

Days Gone Horde locations: Lost Lake

There's only six Days Gone Horde locations to be found in Lost Lake:

  • Westfir Horde: West of Iron Mike's camp, the Westfir Horde is all the way across the lake, in a small cave just before the cluster of three building with different coloured rooves.
  • Wapinitia Road Horde: Directly north of Berley Lake Ambush Camp, inside a small cave entrance just before the main road.
  • Metolius Lava Cave Horde: North of Iron Mike's camp, at the very top of the border between Lost Lake and Cascades, inside the signposted Metolius Lava Caves.
  • River Flow Farms Horde: North of Iron Mike's farm, in the cave right next to the NERO Research Site.
  • Sherman's Camp Horde: Inside the small town called Sherman's Camp, directly west of Iron Mike's farm. The Horde sleeps inside the Level2 shop on the eastern side.
  • Berley Lake Horde: Southern border of Lost Lake right before the Santiam Pass, the Horde is in a cave north-east of the Santiam Tunnel NERO Checkpoint at the foot of the river.

Days Gone Horde locations: Crater Lake

There's only three Days Gone Horde locations to be found in Crater Lake:

  • Rimview Ranch Horde: In the north-east corner of Crater Lake, inside a cave which has a nest in it. Burn out the nest then the horde is inside.
  • Mt. Bailey Horde: In a cave on the north-west side of Crater Lake, directly east from the Diamond Lake camp.
  • Mcleod Ridge Horde: North-east of the Diamond Lake camp, in the snowy region of the map, along the bottom of the mountain.

Days Gone Horde locations: Highway 97

Highway 97 has a whopping 13 Days Gone Horde locations to be found:

  • Solomon Hill Horde: In the north-west corner just north of the Aspen Butte Ambush Camp is the Solomon Hill Horde inside a huge cave.
  • Beaver Marsh Rest Stop Horde: At the foot of the short, windy river in the snowy region, north-east from the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway NERO Checkpoint.
  • Mt. Scott Ski Resort Horde: In the north-eastern snowy region, follow the river north and the Horde is in a cave.
  • Sagebrush Point Horde: Further north-east, on the edge of the snowy part of Highway 97 is this Horde inside another cave by a power line tower.
  • Beasley Lake Horde: A few steps east from the Sagebrush Point Horde is another Horde inside a cave on the other side of a small pond.
  • Chemult Station Horde: Inside some train carriages south of Chemult is another Horde.
  • Cascade Lakes Rail Line Horde: On the north side of Chemult is a Horde inside a cave by the river.
  • Chemult Community College Horde: Down at the Chemult Community College is another Horde, close to the NERO Checkpoint.
  • Groose Gardens Horde: East of the Chemult Community College on the otherside of the highway is another Horde, near the road obstruction.
  • Rum Rye Gulch Horde: South of the Chemult Community College and down the ridge is another Horde in a cave.
  • Juniper Ridge Horde: Along the same ridge to the west is yet another cave with a Horde inside.
  • Friendship Ridge Horde: East of the gas station is another Horde over the river, before the Bare Bay Ambush Camp.
  • Lobert Draw Ridge Horde: South of the Pillette Bridge NERO Checkpoint is the final Horde, near the railway line.

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