Days Gone NERO Injectors - all locations for the stat boosting syringes

Days Gone NERO Injector locations

Days Gone NERO Injectors are a crucial to progress. Every time you find a Days Gone NERO Injector location - usually at a NERO Research Station or NERO Checkpoint - you can use them at to increase your health, stamina, and focus (a slow mo aiming ability you can unlock). Days Gone's work can be tough and while you need to explore to find these vital resources, the journeys you'll constantly be making between checkpoints, and through the wilderness, are filled with danger and peril. That's why the best chance of survival means finding these Days Gone NERO Injectors to boost your stats, and finding them fast with the minimum of danger.

These amazing Days Gone NERO Injectors wunder-drugs can be located at NERO checkpoints, which also double up as fast travel points once you've got them up and running. The remaining upgrade items can be at NERO Research Stations  which are always a little harder to get to, and usually require a bit of creative traversal to reach - if you can't reach and area of injector then upgrade your bike's speed and nitrous boost will probably give you the boost you need to get there and find the Days Gone NERO Injectors you can't reach at first.

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There are 30 Days Gone NERO Injectors for you to collect in all – that’s 10 for each ability – and you may not want to focus on just collecting all of one upgrade to start with, but rather build up all your skills in tandem. Here’s what you should focus on if you’re struggling in the game, though:

  • Health - Good for general gameplay but not essential until you meet more dangerous enemies given the ease with which you can heal. 
  • Stamina - very important for running away, especially early game when you might accidentally find a horde and not have the Stamina to escape. 
  • Focus - you'll need to unlock the Focus Shot skill to use this but it's invaluable if you're going up against hordes, giving you a slow-mo aim to keep the tide at bay. 

Where to find all Days Gone NERO Injector locations

As we mentioned, you'll find Days Gone NERO injectors at checkpoints that are permanently marked on the map, and research stations which have to be found and disappear once you've claimed the syringe. These research stations will be marked if you get close enough, and finding the bunker at cleared Ambush Camps will also note them on your map. They usually also have a red flashing beacon that makes a noise, but that's of limited use if it's hidden in a cave or at an areas you can't reach without a bike jump.

To speed things along though we've found them all for you:

  1. During the mission to find sterile bandages for Boozer you’ll find the Little Bear Lake NERO Checkpoint and your first injector. 
  2. During the mission Spy on the NERO Researcher you’ll sneak around some caves. After it’s done go back inside the caves to find a NERO Research Site and injector.
  3. Old Pioneer Cemetery NERO checkpoint. 
  4. Iron Butte Pass NERO Checkpoint.
  5. Horse Lake NERO checkpoint.
  6. Marion Forks Tunnel NERO checkpoint.
  7. There's a NERO research station with a NERO Injector at the crashed chopper. Look for a path leading to a ramp that you can jump over to reach with your bike.
  8. There’s a cave here near some water with a NERO Research Station inside is. Head in there to find the injector.
  9. During the Bounty to find Anderson mission you’ll have to search a Runners Cave, you Can find a NERO Research Station and injector inside.
  10. There’s a house here with a NERO Injector inside.
  11. There's a NERO research Station in a cave by the wall of a wooden fenced base. 
  12. There’s a NERO Research Station and on small island. Use the ramp where the land is closest to the island to reach it on your bike. 
  13. There's a NERO Research Station and injector in a cave at the top of a mountain. Get as close as you can to the marker and then look for a ledge you can climb up. Once you're up then follow the path up. 
  14. There’s a NERO research site with a NERO injector here you can reach by jumping a nearby ramp. 
  15. There’s a NERO Research Site under the bridge here with a NERO injector. 
  16. There's a tree trunk stretched between two rocky outcrops here on either side of the road. Use the ramp on the higher rocky side to jump to a crashed  helicopter where you'll find a NERO Research Station and Injector.
  17. Pillette Bridge NERO checkpoint.
  18. Chemult Community College NERO Checkpoint base.
  19. Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway NERO Checkpoint.
  20. Santiam Tunnel NERO checkpoint. 
  21. You’ll find a railway bridge here with NERO research site and injector, on the far side.
  22. Old Sawmill NERO Checkpoint. 
  23. There's a NERO Research Station here you'll have to reach on bike via a path leading to a rock ramp. One you've cleared the jump look for a ledge to the right that you can climb and follow the path around to find a crashed chopper.
  24. Rogue Tunnel NERO Checkpoint.
  25. Spruce Lake Nero Checkpoint.
  26. There’s are two islands here, and a NERO Research Station on the furthest one. Use the ramp on the shore to reach the first island and then you can swim across to the second and grab the injector. 
  27. There’s a NERO Research Site and an injector here near the mountainside, next to a screamer body on a table. 
  28. You'll find a NERO Research Station injector inside the White King Mine here. But also a Horde so maybe go there at night while they're off doing horde things in the forest. 
  29. There's a NERO Research Station tucked away on the mountainside here. While it might look high up there's no fancy tricks needed to reach it, just ride up there on your bike and grab the shot. 
  30. There's another easy to find injector here, horde aside. Just look for the cave, head inside and find a NERO Research Station and the injector at the back. 

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