BioShock Infinite Voxophone locations guide: Where to find every hidden recording in Columbia

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It can be hard to keep track of what's going on in Columbia, and the events that have lead the sky city to its current situation, which is why having a listen to the BioShock Infinite Voxophones can help fill in the blanks. There are 80 of these funky-looking recording devices hidden throughout the game, and activating them will build up a rich backstory to the events happening as well as granting you the Eavesdropper trophy or achievement once you've bagged them all. As you'd expect with collectibles, you're going to have to go out of your way to hunt down every one of them, so follow our guide to all of the BioShock Infinite Voxophone locations and complete your listening experience.

Welcome Center

Welcome Center - "Love the Sinner"

Once you've arrived, make a left at the large statue of Father Comstock. In this large purple room, head into the alcove in the right corner to find your first Voxophone.

New Eden Square

New Eden Square - "Undeserving"

Take a right at the massive statue to enter Hudson's Suit Cloaks. This Voxophone is behind the counter.

New Eden Square - "Everyman, All at Once"

Once the parade goes by, head up the stairs and bear left. Cross the short bridge to the garden supply store, and head to the umbrella in the back. A Voxophone lies under it.

Path of the Scroll - "For I Am Lonely, Too"

Early in the area, you'll pass a bench with a Songbird toy on it. A Voxophone also sits on the bench.

Raffle Park - "Solution to Your Problems"

After receiving your first pistol, you'll be near a vending machine. Next to it is two cages, where you'll find a Voxophone sitting on a table.

Comstock Center Rooftops

The Blue Ribbon Restaurant - "Half a Jew"

Immediately after receiving the shield upgrade, you'll enter the kitchen. This sits on the counter to your left.

Lansdowne Residence - "Otis' Nimble Fingers"

After crashing through the roof into the bedroom, head down the steps. To the right at the end of the hallway is another bedroom with a large locked chest. On the desk across from the chest is another Voxophone.

Comstock Center Rooftops - "A New Hunt!"

Just after exiting the Montgomery Household, head down the stairs to find a stage. This sits atop a small table on the left side of the stage.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven - "The Gift of the Emancipator"

Upon entering area, take a left at the statue of John Wilkes Booth. You'll find this atop the bar at the far end of the large room.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven - "The Lie of the Emancipator"

After encountering Zealots, you can find this in a pew in the center of the room.

The Fraternal Order of the Raven - "Symbols of Our Lady"

After riding the elevator, you'll be in a room with a projector. Head left to find a room full of desks. One near the back (the one with the green lamp) holds another Voxophone.

Monument Island Gateway - "Another Ark for Another Time"

Ride the skyline until you reach the top of the tower, where a gondola blocks your way. Head to the right, then turn right again to find this Voxophone atop a desk.

Monument Island

Monument Island Tower - "Tiger by the Tail"

As soon as you enter the tower proper, turn left to find a set of lockers. You'll find this inside the open one.

Monument Island Tower - "To: R. Thompson Re: Fuses"

Just after passing the three switches labeled "Siphon Passive," you'll enter a long hallway. Turn left at the first opportunity and move through the door to enter a laboratory. This sits on the desk just ahead of where you enter.

Monument Island Tower - "A Reward, Deferred"

Continue until you reach a chalkboard in front of a huge electronic device. This one is hard to miss - it's dead center on the table.

Specimen Observation - "The Source of Her Power"

This is one is hard to miss. Continue moving through the observation rooms until you spot this Voxophone on a chair near the lever.

Battleship Bay

Battleship Bay - "Born in the River"

When you wake up on the beach, there will be several red striped wagons around. Under the one by the closed stand, you'll find another Voxophone.

The Arcade - "Heaven"

After you reach the Dollar Bill vending machine where Elizabeth tosses you a coin, head straight ahead and through the double doors. You'll find a Voxophone in the wicker basket in the corner of the room.

The Arcade - "A Dog's Loyalty"

Once you enter the Arcade proper, head to the other side of the Duke and Dimwit machines. Over here is a long hallway with bathrooms. Enter the men's room on the left, and you'll find this on the desk inside.

Park Ticketing - "Take Her Alive"

After Elizabeth runs away and the cops open the gate, exit and move right. You'll find this Voxophone atop a desk.

Park Ticketing - "The Golden Path to Heaven"

Now turn around and follow the hallway left around the corner. Keep straight ahead and enter the white double doors. Follow the steps all the way down, and keep left to find a little alcove under the stairs. A Voxophone sits atop a box down here.

Soldier's Field

Soldier's Field Welcome Center - "A Place in the World"

Once you enter the main building, head left. Over here is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. Have her do so, and head to the right of the room. You'll find a bunch of guns, a locked safe, and an open safe. This Voxophone rests inside the open safe.

Soldier's Field - "I Am His Mirror"

Once you've entered the park proper, move left and enter Dimwit & Duke Ice Cream Shoppe. This sits atop a table inside.

Soldier's Field - "Viewing the Infinite"

This lies in a building across the park from the ice cream shop. When you spot Founder's Books, enter. Inside, you'll find this Voxophone atop the ledge in the back of the store.

Soldier's Field - "Never Seen the Face"

Continue to make your way to the Hall of Heroes. Once you exit the elevator, you'll be in a room with some mechanical patriot displays. In the left corner of the room is a locked door. Have Elizabeth pick it, and head to the desks in the back. A Voxophone rests atop one.

Patriot's Pavilion - "A True Soldier"

Once you enter the large courtyard area where the cops are getting a speech, enter the building to the right - this is the Patriot's Pride Pavilion. Climb the stairs to the second floor, and you'll find a Voxophone along the railing.

The Fellow Traveler - "Vox Contraband Inventory"

Exit the Patriot's Pavilion and enter the building across the street - this is the Fellow Traveler. Head to the back left of the bar to find the kitchen. Hanging on a cabinet in here is another Voxophone.

The Fellow Traveler - "Their Sun Is Setting"

On the other side of the bar, you'll find the bathrooms. Inside one, a Vox Populi cipher is scribbled onto the wall. Elizabeth can decode this, but you'll need a code book to do so.

The code book is found in the cannon on the ground floor of Patriot's Pavilion. The code book is found in the cannon on the ground floor of Patriot's Pavilion. Grab it, return to the cipher, and activate the hat in the next bathroom to open a secret chamber. You'll find this Voxophone on a table inside.

Hall of Heroes Plaza - "A Final Stand"

As soon as you arrive via the skyline, head down the stairs to the docked airship. Inside the bow of the ship is another Voxophone.

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