BioShock Infinite Voxophone locations guide: Where to find every hidden recording in Columbia

Downtown Emporia

Financial District - "A City, Suspended"

This area will present you with a huge firefight and several locked doors. Have Elizabeth pick open the door on the highest platform. In here, you'll find a Voxophone among some crates.

Harmony Lane - "Beyond Redemption"

Harmony Lane* is clearly marked by a locked gate in the Financial District. Proceed until you spot an open shop under a piece of cover Elizabeth can tear. Enter and head to the basement to find a few more Vox Populi. Nestled in a shelf near them is another Voxophone.

*Note: After the battle in the Financial District, you can take either Harmony Lane or the Market District to reach the Comstock House. We recommend using the Harmony Lane route, as you must enter the Market District later in the game anyway.

Downtown Emporia - "The True Color of My Skin"

Proceed down the Harmony Lane route until you spot a store beside a large green awning. Have Elizabeth pick the lock, then head inside to find this on the main counter.

Magical Melodies - "Out of the Thin Air"

This can be found on the path from the Market District.* Just before entering Victory Square (alternatively, before entering Memorial Gardens to find Lady Comstock's crypt), a building hovers next to a split sidewalk. Hop into the hole in the wall to get inside. In here, a Voxophone rests atop a piano.

*Note: After the battle in the Financial District, you can take either Harmony Lane or the Market District to reach the Comstock House. We recommend using the Harmony Lane route, as you must enter the Market District later in the game anyway.

Victory Square - "Pen Pal"

You can't miss the memorial to Lady Comstock in this area, but you could miss the Voxophone hidden there. It's next to her portrait by the candles.

Laboratory Lutece - "Child of Science"

Once you open the first tear on the ground floor, this will appear on the floor in the same spot.

Laboratory Lutece - "On the Entropy of Genes"

Connected to the room with the first tear is a kitchen. You'll find this on a covered table inside.

Laboratory Lutece - "A Theory on Our 'Death'"

Now head upstairs to the bedroom. This lies between the bed and the nightstand.

Bank of the Prophet Main Hall - "The Imagination of God"

Rather than heading down into the vault, head down the hallway to the opposite area. In the back, under the bloody words that say "Hoarder," is a Vox Populi cipher written on a notepad.

The code book for this cipher is just inside the entrance to the Market District from the Financial District. In this spot is an open store called Hudson's. Head to the basement to find the code book atop a shelf in the corner room. Now return to the cipher and use the typewriter to open a secret chamber containing a bunch of goodies, including this Voxophone.

Bank of the Prophet Vault - "No Longer"

When you reach the second tear, head to the back left of the area. Behind a small safe, you'll find this Voxophone.

Bank of the Prophet Vault - "A Broken Circle"

This appears on the statue behind the second tear.

Cunningham Photography - "The Customer Is Late"

This appears on a desk behind the third tear.

Comstock House

Her Loving Embrace - "A Leash"

Once you call the elevator for the warden's office, you'll spot this one on the floor inside.

Where We Weep - "The Value of Choice"

Once you enter the lab area with green lighting (Where We Lie), look left to spot a morgue area. Head there, and you'll find a Voxophone in the coffin nearest the incinerator.

Where We Work - "Debts"

Before leaving this area for the Atrium, head to the back of the room. You'll find this one a table back here.

Security Center - "A Last Chance"

Upon entering, you'll be on the lower level of the office. In a smaller corner office - the opposite corner from where you entered - is a projector. This Voxophone lies next to that projector.

Warden's Office - "Smothered in the Crib"

This is one is easy to spot. Once you reach the office proper, it will be sitting in the wooden chair by the switch you need to throw.

Atrium - "Ending It"

This appears in the elevator when leaving the area.

The Operating Theater - "Pavlov's Bell"

After freeing Elizabeth, head to the locked door in the back of the area - this leads to the way out. Before leaving, have her pick the locked door opposite this one. Head up the stairs to find a bunch of goodies atop a desk, including this Voxophone.

The Hand of the Prophet

Comstock House Roof - "An Ultimatum"

During the massive firefight up here, you'll notice a large locked door on your way to the airship. Have Elizabeth pick the lock once the fighting ends, and enter. Head left and through the doors to find another Voxophone atop a stack of papers.

The Hand of the Prophet - "What's Done Is Done"

At the center rear of the second deck is a locked door - it's marked by a sign that says "Engineering." Have Elizabeth pick it, then head straight ahead (around the headless patriot) to find a Voxophone atop a table.

The Hand of the Prophet - "The Mirror of Sin"

After confronting Comstock, head up the right staircase and enter the first door you come to. This is Comstock's office. In here, a Voxophone sits on his desk.

The Hand of the Prophet - "The Prophet Is Dying"

The next door on the walkway leads to Comstock's bedroom. The game's final Voxophone sits on Comstock's bed. Congratulations – you've found all of the BioShock Infinite Voxophones.

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