BioShock Infinite Voxophone locations guide: Where to find every hidden recording in Columbia

Hall of Heroes

Hall of Heroes - "Comrades of Necessity"

Once you enter the Hall of Heroes, follow the hallway as it heads left to reach the dead ticket taker. Just a little further is a door. Head through, then immediately cut left to find this atop a desk.

The Murder of Our Lady - "Unconditional"

As soon as you enter this diorama, make a right. This sits atop a chair near the faux fireplace.

Return to the Courtyard - "A Soldier's Death"

During the battle with Slate, some soldiers will burst through a Shock Jockey door on the ground level of the battle area. Enter the door and go to the back of the room to find a Voxophone atop the desk.

Return to Soldier's Field

Return to Soldier's Field - "Calling You Out"

Once you've gained the Shock Jockey power and returned to the main area of the park, look for the large hotel in the middle of the area. Attach to the hooks above and use Shock Jockey on the power sphere to open the doors. Inside, follow the rooms to the bloodied bed where a Voxophone sits atop the sheets.

Finkton Docks

Beggar's Wharf - "God's Blueprint"

Once you arrive, make a left to spot the red brick building labeled "Delivery Center." Enter and move left to find a pair of desks with a Voxophone between them.

Fort Franklin - "Shame of My Service"

Once Elizabeth is snatched up by the cops, you'll need to find another way in. Instead of heading right, look left to find a series of desks. This rests atop one of them.

Worker Induction Center - "A Product Like Any Other"

Quite soon after starting the zone, you'll spot a large glass containment area. Inside, a Voxophone rests on a desk.

Worker Induction Center - "Seed of a Lie"

Proceed until you head to the lower area to access the service elevator. When you reach the elevator, look for the green lockers. Inside the open door is another Voxophone (Elizabeth will later single this spot out as Slate's locker).

Finkton Proper

Plaza of Zeal - "The Invisible Color"

Once you step off the elevator and into Finkton, you'll be in the Plaza of Zeal. Head to the far back right, beyond even the double doors marked "Shantytown." In the farthest part of the area, you'll find this against a crate.

Plaza of Zeal - "A Truer Allegiance"

Once you step off the elevator and enter Finkton, you'll be in the Plaza of Zeal. Turn right, head forward, and turn right again to find some docks. Over here is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. On the far wall inside is a Vox Populi code.

Continue on your adventure until you reach the Good Time Club. In the lower rooms, Elizabeth will point out Chen-Lin's prison cell. In the very next room, the code book for Vox Populi spot rests on a stack of posters for Chen-Lin's shop. Pick it up, and return to the spot in the Plaza of Zeal. The secret safe will contain a Voxophone.

The Great Chen-Lin, Gunsmith and Machinist - "We've Need of a Shepherd"

Just before entering the shop proper, look to the counter near the entrance to spot this Voxophone.

The Good Time Club - "Changing My Tune"

After battling Fink's selection of minions in the main area, all the doors will unlock. The main curtain will also rise, so head back there to find the backstage area. You'll find this on a mirror desk back here.

The Good Time Club - "His Design for Cruelty"

Proceed through the level until you reach the prison area below. In the room immediately after the projector screen, you'll find this atop a stool.


The Graveyard Shift - "Fanning a Flame"

Once you step off the elevator into the Bull Yard, head straight forward until you reach the Graveyard Shift bar. Enter and head down to the basement. On the other side of the wooden shelf near the guitar, you'll find this Voxophone.

The Bull Yard - "Trapped"

During the huge firefight before entering the police station, pay attention to the skylines. One runs higher than the others, and it loops behind a building. Ride that one to the rear of the building and hop off. You'll find a Voxophone back here.

The Bull House - "That Goddamn Key"

Once you enter the police station proper, head upstairs. In the center is a large area filled with desks. Head to the back left office to find this next to a locked chest.

The Bull House - "Terminated"

On the main floor of the station, head to the back left corner to find the interrogation room. Near a series of lockers sits another Voxophone.

The Impound - "Kindling"

As you ascend the stairs after stepping through the tear, you'll spot this on a desk on your way back from Chen-Lin's tools.

Return to the Bull Yard - "That Eternal Shore"

When you leave the police station, you'll be in an alternate version of Shantytown. Return to the Graveyard Shift bar to find a dead Handyman outside. In its grasp is another Voxophone.

Return to the Graveyard Shift - "Drawing Dead"

Now enter the bar proper and approach the counter. You'll find a new Voxophone here.

Return to Finkton Proper

Return to the Great Chen-Lin, Gunsmith and Machinist - "All Debts Paid"

When you ride the elevator up from Shantytown, you'll be in a third version of Finkton you haven't yet seen. Cross the Plaza of Zeal to Chen-Lin's shop and enter to find a new Voxophone by the newly blocked door.

Office of Jeremiah Fink - "A Child Needs a Protector"

Once you've stepped out of the elevator and cleared the room, head to the right of the locked door. In front of the small chalkboards lies another Voxophone.

Office of Jeremiah Fink - "Apology"

After the huge gunfight in the outer area, you'll have access to the central tower. Enter and head through the double doors on the right to find this Voxophone on the floor.

Port Prosperity

Port Prosperity Station - "Coming for Comstock"

Once you disembark from the gondola, follow the path to the hallway with two discarded trunks. Atop one lies a corpse (in front of the window that reads "The founders will bleed!"). Next to it, you'll find another Voxophone.

The Salty Oyster - "One and the Same"

On your way to Comstock's house (just before entering Grand Central Depot), you'll come to a small courtyard. On the right side from where you enter is The Salty Oyster bar. You'll have to have Elizabeth pick the lock to enter, and you won't be able to find the room where this Voxophone waits until you find the "Sally" Voxophone.

Once you do so, you'll learn about the switch by the cash register. Hit that switch to open a kitchen area. In here, you'll find this Voxophone in a bucket.

Grand Central Depot - "Whispers through the Wall"

Once you enter the area, prepare for a large firefight. When things die down, head to the left of where you entered the area to find the door to a ticketing office. Head inside, then follow the room to another door. In here, a Voxophone rests atop a stack of crates.

Founder's Books - "A Window"

Just before heading through the turnstile to exit Grand Central Depot, look for a blue hallway under the bridge. At the end is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. Have her do so, and enter the store - Founder's Books. Once you enter, look right to spot this Voxophone on a countertop.

Founder's Books - "Sally"

Now head to the basement. After taking out the Vox Populi that come in after you, look for two green sofa couches in the middle of the room. This sits on an end table near them.

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