All Elden Ring Divine Tower locations and how to get inside

Elden Ring divine tower limgrave
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The Elden Ring Divine Tower locations number six in total, in a rough circle across the Lands Between, starting with Limgrave Divine Tower. The Great Runes you find from killing certain bosses are restored at these Divine Towers, allowing you to access new powers and buffs while you play, such as enhancing stats or even granting health restoration. However, none of them are easy to get into, with various puzzles, secret entrances or deadly foes to contend with along the way. This is Elden Ring, after all. To help you know where to find all the six Divine Towers in Elden Ring we have all the maps and information you could need coming up. Whether it's Limgrave, Caelid, Liurnia, West Altus, East Altus or the Isolated Divine Tower - have them all here, with all the details you need.

All Divine Tower locations in Elden Ring

Elden Ring divine tower locations

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  1. Divine Tower of Limgrave: Godrick's Great Rune
  2. Divine Tower of Caelid: Radahn's Great Rune
  3. Divine Tower of Liurnia: Cursemark of Death (Quest item)
  4. Divine Tower of West Altus: Rykard's Great Rune
  5. Divine Tower of East Altus: Morgott's Great Rune and Mogh's Great Rune
  6. Isolated Divine Tower: Malenia's Great Rune

There's a total of six Divine Towers located in Elden Ring, notably arranged in a circle around… the sea? A suspicious patch of cloud that could be hiding future DLC? You could make an argument that they're supposed to be orbiting the Erdtree, but that looks too high up in the circle to be the focal point, though it would make sense from a storytelling/design perspective. Either way, six towers, some of which will take a lot longer to get into than others. We've laid them all out below in the rough order you'll encounter them, as well as what Great Rune(s) they're associated with (with one exception). You can even click on that Tower's name to find out how to get inside!

All the Divine Towers require you to reach the very highest rooftop, where there'll usually be a pair of giant decayed fingers (don't ask) and some kind of glowing rune among them. That's your goal - despite some of the Towers having divergent paths, your aim is to find the elevator and reach the highest point possible.

How to get into the Divine Towers in Elden Ring

There's six Divine Towers in Elden Ring you can get into, each one accessed in a different way from a different point in the game, so there's no broad approach you can take. However, we've gone through them all individually below, likely in the order you'll need to get in, or be able to access them. Just scroll down to whichever one is giving you trouble and we'll show you how to break in!

How to get into the Divine Tower of Limgrave

Elden Ring divine tower limgrave

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The first Tower you'll likely need to get into after beating Godrick, you can reach this one by going through the deadly main gate of Stormveil and sprinting North up the main road, then turning right (East) through the enclosed shrine shown above with the Lion Guardian next to it. Use the Site of Grace ahead to reset your pursuers, then follow the bridge East-by-Northeast, avoiding the giant Golems' arrows and attacks along the way. At the end will be a teleportation portal that'll bring you to the door of the Divine Tower of Limgrave - simply use the doors to get inside and take the elevator to the top.

How to get into the Divine Tower of Caelid

Elden Ring divine tower locations

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Situated at Caelid's Northern coastline, the Divine Tower here needs to be accessed with Parkour. Approach from the Southern side and ride or run up the giant roots alongside it, then jump across to the ledges and scale the building using the ladders and careful platforming - and be careful about the knights along the way! Eventually you'll find the Divine Tower of Caelid: Center Site of Grace on a balcony. Use it, then take the West path around to a door with the central elevator beyond, which'll bring you up to the top for Radahn's Rune. You can also carefully descend to the tower basement where you’ll find a boss fight, so good luck!

How to get into the Divine Tower of Liurnia

Elden Ring divine tower locations

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This one proves a sticking point for a lot of people, and we can't blame them. Connected to the Carian Study Hall via a bridge, this actually requires you to get quite far through the Ranni the Witch quest. While you can wander in and explore at any point, you have to complete Ranni's questline at least partway to reach the top and restore the Great Rune.

We've put a guide on how to do that in our Elden Ring Ranni questline and secret ending - once you reach the fifth part of that quest, you'll be able to use a special item to flip the Carian Study Hall and access the bridge, though you'll have to watch out for a nightmarish hostile NPC and blob monster along the way. We recommend killing Preceptor Miriam (as horrible as she is, it's easier in the long run), but just run around the giant Godskin Noble on the bridge if you don't feel ready to fight him.

Of course, once you're up there you won't get to restore any Great Rune, as the only Rune in the area is one you get for killing Rennala, and it comes pre-restored and ready to go. Instead, this serves as another point of Ranni's questline. So don't worry about getting to the top if you're not bothered about the Princesses' quest.

How to get into the Divine Tower of West Altus

Elden Ring divine tower locations

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Bell Bearing Locations

Elden Ring smithing stones

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The Sealed Tunnel is one of the Elden Ring Bell Bearing locations, which can let you buy all manner of useful items - including Smithing Stones! Check our guide to find them all.

One of the easier Towers, the West Altus Divine Tower is found by going into the moat around the capital of Leyndell and accessing the Sealed Tunnel mini-dungeon at its Southernmost point (the entrance to which you can see below). The Sealed Tunnel is practically a straight line, made of up illusory walls you can hack through. 

However, there is a boss at the end called the Onyx Lord, one that's fairly weak to weapon attacks (a vulnerability melee fighters can make use of). Once you've beaten him, you can access the outside door of the Divine Tower of West Altus - though if you haven't beaten Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy yet, you'll get a message stating that it's "tightly locked shut". Once he's dead, you can open the doors and simply step on the elevator ahead to reach the top. 

How to get into the Divine Tower of East Altus

Elden Ring divine tower locations

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On the opposite side of Leyndell is a tower that pulls double-duty, able to restore both Morgott's and Mohg's runes. Once you've beaten Morgott and accessed the path East out of the city towards the Mountaintops, rather than taking the elevator at the end, take the path right (going Southeast), along the giant bridge. Be warned, you'll get ambushed by two monstrous ogres in a boss fight called the Fell Twins, who manifest a void around all three of you and are pretty resistant to Holy damage. Try and fight them one at a time (summons will help here), and use bleed or scarlet rot if you have it, as they're weak to that.

Once the Twins are dead, it's a straight line to the Tower doors and the elevator beyond that. Remember to trigger the Site of Grace inside, as you'll need to come here both after killing Morgott and Mohg.

How to get into the Isolated Divine Tower

Elden Ring divine tower locations

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This wildcard tower is literally sticking out of the sea, though thankfully you won't have to master sailing to reach it and restore Malenia's Great Rune. This one's a little tougher to get to, as you need to reach the teleportation portal in Leyndell's Divine Bridge, done either by taking the elevator up from the city's own copy of the Roundtable Hold on the Southwest side, or by opening the trapped chest in the Tower of Return on the Weeping Peninsula (Southeast of the Western Peninsula's Walking Mausoleum). 

Either way, once you're there they'll be a giant stone Golem like those on the bridge to Limgrave Tower, and on his left side, a portal. Trigger it and you'll be sent all the way to the Isolated Divine Tower, and then you just need to head up the stairs to the top. Keep in mind that this portal only becomes active either after beating Malenia - though you have no reason to go to the Isolated Divine Tower until you've beaten Malenia, so it all works out.

What do Divine Towers in Elden Ring do?

Elden Ring great runes rune arc farming

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Divine Towers in Elden Ring are used to restore Great Runes (with the exception of Liurnia), special items gained by killing major bosses that won't be usable until you bring them to their corresponding Tower. As mentioned, each tower is used for a specific Great Rune and can't be used to restore any other one. We've explained more about these runes and how they're used in our Elden Ring Great Runes and Rune Arc farming guide, which will show you their strengths and their best uses, as well as how to activate them as much as possible.

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