Every Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree guide you'll need

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Our Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree guide hub will help players through all the greatest challenges of the DLC expansion, with guides on how to beat bosses, find special items, make yourself more powerful, and discover secrets around the Realm of Shadow.

It's worth keeping in mind that Shadow of the Erdtree is hard, arguably the toughest content in all of Elden Ring, so players will need to fortify themselves accordingly with all manner of preparation for the challenges ahead. Our guides below will help you there (don't worry, they're largely spoiler free), and we've even split them into sections for players to better find the part they want.

Everything you need to know about Shadow of the Erdtree

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Below we've collated all our Shadow of the Erdtree guides for the Elden Ring expansion into several basic categories that you can flick through as needed, using the navigation tags at the side.

Getting Started

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If you're either about to begin Shadow of the Erdtree, or just get into it and need some help with where to begin, our how-tos will show you exactly what's what in the Realm of Shadow.

  • Wondering what to do before Shadow of the Erdtree? If you haven't downloaded it yet, or don't feel like you're ready, our checklist will help the less lordly among you prepare for this major new chapter.
  • The Shadow of the Erdtree level requirement, or level recommendation, will vary depending on individual skill level, but it should be 150 at a minimum. For more info, our attached guide will lay out the parameters and how tough you need to be.
  • If you're feeling ready, you'll need to know how to start Shadow of the Erdtree. This isn't an option chosen from a menu; there's a portal to the DLC somewhere in the Lands Between, and you'll need to know where to look - and who to kill before it'll open for you.
  • Once you're there, you'll want to know what to do in Shadow of the Erdtree. A huge map filled with bosses is one thing, but if you're curious about where the main story is, our map and checklist of major quests will help you through the critical path. 
  • Psst, want some advice? These Shadow of the Erdtree tips will help players who need some tricks up their sleeves, including where to look for secret items, how the new dungeons work, and what the most important stat is.
  • Beyond all that, you might be wondering: how long to beat Shadow of the Erdtree? That number will vary hugely depending on how skilled you are and how much side content you want to do, but we've got some solid estimations here, having played it ourselves.

Collectibles and things to find

Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragments

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Elden Ring is always full of goodies for people to hunt down, and some of the collectibles in Shadow of the Erdtree are more important even than your level. If you want to go on a scavenger hunt, here's what you need to be looking for.

  • Want to find every single Shadow of the Erdtree area in the game? There's regions around the game that you might never find at all, or struggle to access without help - either because they're locked behind puzzles or have secret entrances. Well, our guide will help you uncover literally every single corner of the Realm of Shadow to access yourself.
  • The Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragment locations are how you get the most valuable thing you can find in the DLC. Serving now to level you up with a special blessing, these are how you become very strong, very fast. Alternatively, you can find the Shadow of the Erdtree Revered Spirit Ashes to power up your spirit summons, and ensure your allies are as tough as your enemies.
  • The Shadow of the Erdtree Miquella's Crosses are markers that indicate where Miquella the Demigod has been before you. Not only do these golden crosses give an indication about the story, but you can also use them to get Scadutree Fragments quickly. We'll show you where they're found.
  • Finally, the Shadow of the Erdtree map fragments work much like those in the core game to reveal the whole map and show where you are. There's five separate fragments to uncover - and some are very well hidden indeed.

Bosses and Minibosses

Shadow of the Erdtree Furnace Golem

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We've not guided every boss in Shadow of the Erdtree yet - in our defence, there's over a hundred of the buggers - but we've covered all the major threats in the starting area, optional and not, so you can go hunting for named characters.

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