All Miquella's Cross locations in Shadow of the Erdtree

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The Miquella Cross locations in Shadow of the Erdtree are a little side quest that players can engage with, finding all of Miquella's markers throughout Elden Ring's Realm of Shadow and hunting down the Fragments and lore text for each one. You'll be given a Cross Map every now and then by certain NPCs within the game, but you won't need those - as we'll show you below how to find every one of Miquella's Crosses in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Where to find all Miquella's Crosses in Shadow of the Erdtree

Miquella's Crosses map in Shadow of the Erdtree

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I've discovered 13 different Miquella's, each doubling as one of the Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree locations. Here's where to find them: 

  1. Three Path Cross: The first one you'll encounter, this one simply sits at the crossroads at the top of the starting area.
  2. Main Gate Cross: At the foot of the steps leading up to Belurat, you can also find the Merchant Moore next to it.
  3. Belurat Cross: When coming up the steps to the rooftop area with all the armored birds and the dry moat ahead of you, turn left. Before you reach the open chamber with scorpions, there'll be some rubble on your right - clamber over the rubble to find a door leading to a storeroom with the Cross at the back.
  4. Castle Ensis Checkpoint Cross: Head into the main entrance of Castle Ensis, and after going through the first arch you'll find a cross on your left.
  5. Highroad Cross: After beating the Shadow of the Erdtree Rellana Twin Moon Knight boss fight and entering the Scadu Altus region for the first time, a cross is at the side of the road to your right.
  6. Moorth Ruins Cross: The Site of Grace on the outskirts of the Moorth Ruins has Cross next to it.
  7. Pillar Path Cross: Head Southeast from the camp outside Castle Ensis, and a little cliff on the left with the Merchant Thiollier has a cross at the end.
  8. Scaduview Cross: The cliffedge above the Fort of Reprimand to the East has a Cross on its peak.
  9. Specimen Storehouse Cross: Once you reach the Specimen Storehouse in the Shadow Keep, head up the stairs until you reach the Fourth Floor Site of Grace, which has a cross.
  10. East Rauh Ancient Ruins Cross: While following the path from the Shadow Keep to the Rauh Ruins, you'll reach a bridge. Before you cross over, look left to find a Cross and Site of Grace.
  11. Cerulean Coast Cross: The Cerulean Coast is south from the Altar of Dragon Communion, and the Southeast cliffs have a Cross waiting.
  12. Fissure Cross: The Southernmost point of the Cerulean Coast is a peninsula with a hole. Venturing down takes you to the Stone Coffin Fissure, a path with a Cross halfway down. 
  13. Spiral Rise Cross: When you finally reach the Tower of Shadow, the midpoint Site of Grace halfway up has a cross next to it.

Most Crosses are next to Sites of Grace, though that's not a guarantee - such as the Belurat one. 

What do Miquella Crosses do?

a Scadutree Fragment at the base of a Miquella's Crosses in Shadow of the Erdtree

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There's no big reward for finding all of Miquella's Crosses that I know of yet but the Scadutree Fragments you find near them is a good reason to look for them - if you want to get more powerful in SOTE, these resources are vital. 

There are also lore motivations - for example, the Cross in the Stone Coffin Fissure tells you about something very important that Miquella did, with an NPC nearby who helps contextualise that information. This doesn't help you all that much but it does help you understand the Erdtree narrative better, not to mention that certain major characters in Shadow of the Erdtree NPC Questlines can have optional, inessential dialogue, depending on which crosses you find. 

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