All Shadow of the Erdtree Map Fragment locations

A player finds a map fragment in Shadow of the Erdtree
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Shadow of the Erdtree map fragment locations will help you explore the Elden Ring expansion, with five separate pieces revealing the full map when you find them all. They're scattered across the world and all their locations are all listed here. Some are easy to find, placed in your way the moment you enter an area, but some are less obvious. Especially those in the less essential regions of the game.

It's worth noting that while these Shadow of the Erdtree map fragments fill out your map, you'll still need to be proactive about exploration. That's because many of the key areas in Shadow of the Erdtree are built vertically, such as buildings with many floors, or underground labyrinths, and the map doesn't really cover that. However, for general navigation they're still essential and will help you get useful things like Shadow of the Erdtree Scadutree Fragments or find Miquella's Crosses

Here's the location of every map fragments in Shadow of the Erdtree below.

Where to find every Map Fragment in Shadow of the Erdtree

every Map Fragment in Shadow of the Erdtree

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There are five map fragments to find in Shadow of the Erdtree. They can be found in any order but I've numbered them here in the order you're mostly likely to encounter them: 

  1. Gravesite Plain Map Fragment: On the road ahead when you first enter is a map fragment, south of the Scorched Ruins.
  2. Scadu Altus Map Fragment: After beating the Shadow of the Erdtree Rellana Twin Moon Knight boss fight and reaching the Scadu Altus, take the road going North towards the Shadow Keep. Before you reach the outside camp, there's a Map Fragment on the right side of the road.
  3. Southern Shore Map Fragment: When going to the foot of the Jagged Peak, take the Southern path to the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. Go past, still to the South, to Charo's Hidden Grave. At the start of the road to the Peninsula, you'll find the Map Fragment.
  4. Abyss Map Fragment: Through the basement of the Shadow Keep, you can reach the Ruins of Unte. Follow the river South and down the cliffs to the Darklight Catacombs. Go through those, beating the boss fight against Jori, until you reach the Abyssal Woods. Then head Southeast down the path, past an aggressive NPC called the Madding Hand. Eventually you'll reach a ruin called the Abandoned Church, with the Map Fragment just outside.
  5. Rauh Ruins Map Fragment: From the Moorth Ruins site of Grace, head Northeast to a cave just across the little lake. Go through the little tunnel of flower priests and you'll emerge into a swampy ravine. Follow the ravine west to reach the "Rauh Base" - at the end of the Ravine is the last Map Fragment.

Like with the old Elden Ring map fragments, the Shadow of the Erdtree versions are found attached to stone beacons, and the beacons themselves are marked on your map in faint pencil scratches even when you haven't uncovered the area, helping you to home in on that area accordingly. Once you're close, check the blank section of map for the Beacon icon, put a marker on it, and start working your way there.

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