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Red Dead Redemption
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Red Dead Redemption 1 cheat codes can be used to add some total mayhem to your outlaw adventure, whether it’s invincibility, a rideable donkey, or guns for everyone. 39 cheat codes exist in the first Red Dead Redemption game, although just under half are available to you from the get-go. To unlock other cheats, you'll need to manually type in strange phrases via the in-game cheats menu and your console's keyboard. It can be pretty tedious, but fortunately the list below means you won't have to figure out any of these phrases for yourself, so you can get back to rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ quickly. Here are all the cheats codes you can unlock in Red Dead Redemption.

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How to enter Red Dead Redemption 1 cheat codes

Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat code unlocked

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Before getting to the full list of Red Dead Redemption cheat codes, you need to know how you activate them. Pause the game, select the ‘Options’ menu, then select the ‘Cheats’ menu. This’ll bring up a list of all the cheats you have unlocked – you should have some cheats on the list already, but there are plenty more to unlock!

To get more cheats, press Y on Xbox, Triangle on PlayStation, or X on Nintendo Switch to bring up your console’s keyboard. Now you can type in the relevant phrases one at a time from the list below.

Be warned: activating a cheat code while playing Red Dead Redemption single-player will disable autosaves and achievements. Turning off any cheats won’t suddenly fix this, so to get back to normal, you need to reload your save to reach a point before you activated any cheats. If you plan on using any cheats, it’s always good to save at a campfire or settlement just before you activate them to ensure you don’t lose any progress.

All cheat codes for Red Dead Redemption 1

Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats list menu

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Here’s a full list of every cheat code in Red Dead Redemptions single player mode. Any cheats marked with “automatically unlocked” should already be in your cheats list and do not require you to enter a phrase:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Cheat nameCheat phraseFunction
Invincibilityhe gives strength to the weakBecome invincible
Infinite Dead Eyei don't understand imnfinityGain infinite Dead Eye meter
Infinite Horse Staminamake hay while the sun shinesYour horse gains infinite stamina
Infinite Ammoabundance is everywhereGain infinite ammunition
Every Shot CountsAutomatically unlockedAll shots fired are one-hit kills, including enemy bullets
Moneythe root of all evil, we thank you!Gain $500
Donkey RiderAutomatically unlockedSpawn a donkey that you can ride
Horsebeasts and man togetherSpawn a horse
Coachnow who put that there?Spawn a stagecoach or wagon
Diplomatic Immunityi wish i worked for uncle samWanted levels and bounties disabled
Increase BountyAutomatically unlockedIncreases your bounty value
Decrease Bountythey sell souls cheap hereDecreases your bounty value
Clear BountyAutomatically unlockedRemoves your bounty
Gun Set 1it's my constitutional rightUnlock the Volcanic Pistol, Double-Barreled Shotgun, and Springfield Rifle
Gun Set 2i'm an american. i need gunsUnlock the Schofield Revolver, Semi-automatic Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun, Buffalo Rifle, Winchester Repeater, and Fire Bottles
Gun Set 3Automatically unlockedUnlock the Double-Action Revolver, High Power Pistol, Pump-action Shotgun, Rolling Block Rifle, Henry Repeater, and Dynamite
Gun Set 4Automatically unlockedUnlock the LeMat Revolver, Mauser Pistol, Semi-auto Shotgun, Carcano Rifle, Evans Repeater, Bolt Action Rifle, and Throwing Knives
PunchoutAutomatically unlockedMelee attacks are one-hit kills
Famousi am one of them famous fellasIncrease Fame level to maximum
Who?humility before the lordResets Fame level to Nobody
Good Guyit aint pride. it's honorIncrease Honor level to maximum honor (Hero)
Bad GuyAutomatically unlockedDecrease your Honor level to maximum dishonor (Desperado)
So-so GuyAutomatically unlockedSet your Honor level to neutral
Change WeatherAutomatically unlockedChanges the weather
BeastmasterAutomatically unlockedAll animals are friendly
HitchcockAutomatically unlockedUnknown/no effect
Old Schoolthe old ways is the best waysAdd an old-timey sepia filter to the screen
Guns BlazingAutomatically unlockedBullets
Hici'm drunk as a skunk and twice as smellyBecome drunk
Sharp Dressed Mandon't you look fine and dandyUnlock the Gentleman's Attire and Legend of the West outfits
Man In Uniformi love a man in uniformUnlock the Bureau Uniform, US Marshal Uniform, and US Army Uniform outfits
Gang Chicyou think you tough, mister?Unlock the Bollard Twins, Treasure Hunter, Bandito, and Reyes' Rebels outfits
Lewis and Clarkyou got yourself a fine pair of eyesUnlock all areas
Jack Attackoh my son, my blessed sonCompletes all story missions and you play as Jack Marston
Right to Bear ArmsAutomatically unlockedEveryone gets guns
Rise UpAutomatically unlockedEveryone become hostile
Dead-Eye Level 1Automatically unlockedSet Dead Eye to Level 1
Dead-Eye Level 2Automatically unlockedSet Dead Eye to Level 2
Dead-Eye Level 3Automatically unlockedSet Dead Eye to Level 3

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