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RadioRadar+ Podcast 66: Nioh nails it and we played many Nintendo Switch games

The Big Topic: You oughta Nioh

Further Discussion: Hands on with Nintendo Switch, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Breath of the Wild and more.

What we’re into: Gorogoa and What Became of Edith Finch amaze at PAX South.

Impossible things are happening every week in 2017. Last week it was a legitimately great new Resident Evil game, and this week it’s the return of Team Ninja with Nioh (opens in new tab). Fans of Dark Souls and Bloodborne may love the new action RPG - with some reservations as described by Lucas Sullivan - but fans of Ninja Gaiden Black will just be happy to see the studio making a well executed action game again. After that, we hear from Dave Roberts about a huge swath of playable Nintendo Switch games including Mario Kart 8, Has Been Heroes, Zelda, and 1-2-Switch. Finally, Susan Arendt walk us through surreal adventure game What Became of Edith Finch and the decade-in-the-making puzzler Gorogoa.

Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello (opens in new tab))
David Roberts (@davidrobots (opens in new tab))
Susan Arendt (@susanarendt (opens in new tab))
Lucas Sullivan (@ljrepresent (opens in new tab))

Intro: "Inspiration (opens in new tab)" by BoxCat Games, used under CC 3.0 (opens in new tab)

Outro: "Forever Believe (opens in new tab)" by Jason Shaw, used under CC 3.0 (opens in new tab)

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