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RadioRadar+ Podcast 40: The NES Classic says, "What's up, everybody?"

Games covered this week: Pokemon Go, NES Classic Edition, I Am Setsuna

Over the past two weeks, Nintendo's taken the world by storm, once again proving that humanity's thirst for tiny cartoon monsters and jumping plumbers remains insatiable. The GamesRadar+ crew deftly avoids walking into traffic to discuss the cultural phenomenon that is Pokemon Go, as well as the surprise announcement of the NES Classic Edition - a miniature version of the Nintendo's first console with 30 games stored inside. David also takes a few minutes to discuss Square Enix's latest JRPG, I Am Setsuna.

We then ask the community (and ourselves) what single game we'd bring with us if we had to live in an underground bunker for five years. 

Hosts: Anthony John Agnello, Susan Arendt, David Roberts

Intro: "Inspiration" by BoxCat Games, used under CC 3.0

Outro: "Forever Believe" by Jason Shaw, used under CC 3.0

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