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Natal's internal motor almost a certainty

You may remember a few weeks ago some leaked photos of a pre-production Project Natal unit appeared on the net, along with its instruction leaflet. We were surprised to see reference to aninternal motorwhich could be damaged if you manually titled the unit.

Of course, you can't trust every leak like this.However, a new photo fromEngadgetof what appears to be a retail-ready Natal unit being officially demoed at the D8 Conference backs up our suspicions. Not only does it have its own power supply, but careful inspection of the photoreveals writing on the front of the machine. Is it the device's real name? No. It simply reads 'No manual tilt':

Above: Either that or 'No Manual Tit', but let's face it -that's unlikely.

So your Natal unit will be tilting all on its own like a little Johnny 5. Tracking you round the room, levelling itself on cruise ships and cocking its head on one side when you call its namefrom behind the sofa.

03 Jun, 2010

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