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Microsoft loses over $1.2 M in online Microsoft Points scam

Microsoft is reporting a significant loss in potential sales after a number of XBLA members used an online code exploit to pilfer over $1.2M dollarsworth ofMicrosoft Points.

This Monday, hackers posting toThe Tech Game forumsrevealed a way to receive 160 MSPs by manipulating the codes from used MSP cards to allow for more point redemptions. The post also detailed slightly more complicated processes by which pirates could also obtain free 48-hour XBLA trials and Halo: Reach Banshee Avatars.

Microsoft was quick to shut down the operation, but not before some pirates made off with upwards of 10k in free points.

Considering the exploit used old codes to generate new points, it'll be tough for Microsoft to accurately identify those who came about their riches legitimately and those who took advantage of the exploit. Then again, why even bother getting upset? The distribution of free points means pirates can now play games on XBLA they would have never considered trying, so this is actually a great promotional boon for Microsoft. It's a victimless crime - everyone wins! Huzzah! [Read: sarcasm]

[Source:The Tech GameviaSave and Quit]

Mar 10, 2011

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