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Jaleco goes retro with 150-song video game soundtrack CD

Jaleco Games will soon be treating the video game audiophiles to a compilation CD featuring 150 video game soundtracks from its golden age gaming days. Entitled 'ROM Cassette Disc in Jaleco', theCD will feature rhythmic bleeps and bloops from its extensive library of NES and SNES games including three confirmed tracks from City Connection, Youkai Club and Ninja JaJamaru-kun.

Yeah, we barely remember those either, but we've got our fingers crossed for smooth tunes from Bases Loaded.

The CD will be released for 2310 Yen ($28 USD) on Amazon Japan on January 26th. Pre-orders are available now, and North American collectors can rest easy knowing that there is an option to pay extra to have it ship across the world.

Jaleco Games was formed in 1974, and today lives on in spirit as Encom Holdings; a real estate, security and technology firm that has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. The Jaleco Ltd. namesake, however, is alive and well out east under the ownership of Game Yarou where it continues to crop up on the occasional occasional mobile, online or console title.

But enough history. To snag a piece of Jaleco's good ole days, find a friend who can read Japanese, and check out its nostalgiac CDlisting on

Jan 20, 2011

[Source: Game Set WatchviaGame Swag]