GDC: Larger XBLA games could affect pricing, says MS

The new size-cap increase for Xbox Live Arcade games could affect the price of titles on the service, Microsoft Casual Games manager Bryan Trussel has told us.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference, Trussel said: "I think as you find that people make a very, very robust game with a lot of levels, a lot of art or a lot of music associated with it, you might see a correlation between some of the pricing."

"There won't be any direct 'this size equals this price' but I think you might see correlations along those lines."

The size increase of XBLA titles was officially announced earlier this week, and brings the total size of download titles to 150MB from 50MB. The first title to break the cap is expected to be Konami's Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which will arrive at 96MB.

Above: Would you pay more if Geometry Wars rocked a little harder?

"We really want to make the canvas size for this type of game an area where a three-person garage developer can make games that stand side by side with EA in a cost effective way," Trussel says. "And that has to do with size and pricing."

The most expensive titles on the 360 download service are currently 1200 Microsoft points. Would you hand over more cash for deeper, more complex XBLA titles?

March 7, 2007