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'Films as Cartridges' image collection is obvious, charming

Few will observe this collection of Atari-era game carts based on contemporary films and think, "what a novel idea!" (or worse, "JJ Abrams is going to get so sued!"). If it's contemporary and popular, it's inevitable that it'll get the "what if it were old?" treatment. However, as obvious jokes go, you can't fault these sleeves' fantastic attention to detail.

Graphic pranksters Penny Design %26ndash; whose previous work includes this similarly affectionate 90s re-imagining of Angry Birds %26ndash; put together these mockups for a series of pixel-age licenses of modern movies and TV shows, and the little touches really help them stand out from the crowd. Dig the ex-rental sticker on Tokyo Drift, or the %26ldquo;Merry Christmas '78%26rdquo; note on The Dark Knight.

See the whole set here. Which ones do you like best?

May 18, 2011