Fighting Fantasy hits handheld gaming

Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, founders of tabletop-battling company Games Workshop, have announced plans to bring their supremely successful Fighting Fantasy adventure book series to PSP and DS. The re-imagined adventures will be playable in "a new way," according to Livingstone, providing "bite-sized chunks of gameplay."

As yet, no developer has signed up for the task, although it's clear from Livingstone's comments that the return of Fighting Fantasy won't be in the same form as the original text-bound adventures. And the duo sees plenty of success ahead, with Steve Jackson confirming plans for "a new portable gaming franchise."

Above: The Fighting Fantasy series - launched during the '80s - has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

To anyone old enough to remember the imaginative exploits of Livingstone and Jackson, this is amazing news. Here's our top five most wanted books we want to see included in their handheld gamingplans:

Midnight Rogue - Play as a novice robber in a city of traps and treasure
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain - The original, labyrinthine adventure
The Forest of Doom - Journey into the dreaded woods to claim a magic weapon
Crypt of the Sorcerer - A quest to vanquish a world-conquering necromancer
Starship Traveller - FF's first futuristic outing, zipping to a distant universe

December 5, 2006

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