EA caught fiddling with Wikipedia

Aug 16, 2007

It appears that EA has been none too chuffed with entries on its Wikipedia page, and rather than soak up the punches has decided to take action.

According to reports, not only has a user - an EA staffer, allegedly - previously removed references to the publishing giant's founder Trip Hawkins, but additionally negative content associated with the company has also been removed.

The detective work has been conducted by Shacknews, which highlights a number of areas on EA's Wikipedia page that have been altered in the past to apparently erase Hawkins' legacy.

Not only that, but "clean up" alterations were made to the page - again allegedly by an EA staffer - to remove negative entries focusing on controversial business practices and the publisher's previous attitude to its workers.

According to Shacknews, a lot of the alterations that were made have subsequently been revised by the Wikipedia community. We can understand the desire to rub out negative content, but why the removal of references to Trip Hawkins?

We've contacted EA and await a response (which will no doubt be "no comment").