Cute Pokemon terrariums show you what's actually going on in that Poke Ball

2016 has really been the year of Pokemon. With Pokemon Go spreading across the globe and Pokemon Sun and Moon eagerly anticipated by fans, now is the perfect time to get swept up in the fever. And what better way to show your love than with these adorable Pokemon terrariums, lovingly hand-crafted from scratch?

Etsy shop TheVintageRealm has been getting so much attention for its Pokemon terrariums that shop owner Lauren can't keep up with demand. Today, she made a batch of 20 available for purchase, and all were sold within five minutes. If you want one, she suggests following her on Twitter and watching for announcements of future uploads.

If you absolutely can't wait until then, there are a number of other shops also selling these miniature dioramas. AVioletAccord claims to be the home of the original idea, and its designs are just as lovely.

Really, it's up to you on where you want to get these, but in any case, I suggest you hurry. With only 79 days left until Christmas, I imagine these will be using Fly off the shelves.

Check out Every Poke Ball you can throw as well if you want to see all the variations. 

Sam Prell

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