Comedian Adam Buxton to host this year's T3 Awards

It's almost time for the T3 Awards, where you get to decide who deserves the nod in categories like Gadget of the Year, Gaming Product of the Year, Innovation of the Year, and more. If it's a hot piece of tech, it's likely to be there. And this year, the awards will be presented by Adam Buxton.

While Buxton has had roles in several feature films and television shows, you likely know him best as half of the Adam and Joe comedy duo, his solo stand-up career, or his long-running show, Bug.

"As someone who has ploughed most of the money I’ve ever earned back into technology of one sort or another (to my wife’s occasional exasperation) I’m delighted to be hosting this year’s T3 Awards, and helping celebrate some of the hard work that’s gone into providing so much fun and inspiration for tech lemmings like me," Buxton said in a related press release.

The T3 Awards commence Wednesday, September 28 in London's Royal Horticultural Halls. That leaves you plenty of time to go vote, so be sure to do so.

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