Check out our new navigation bar!

Acouple of months ago we replaced ourcrowdedhomepage with the new, constantly updating content stream you've come to know and love. Today we bring another milestone intended to make your GamesRadar experience that much easier - a streamlined navigation bar that brings all our content into one clean and simple horizontalspace.

Above: The old navigation, withseveral linksup top and along the side

Above:Nicely positionedtabs that pop up links when you hover over 'em

Some quick points:

Forums: Are now in the "More" section in the upper right. Check 'em out!

TalkRadar: Now has a direct link, also in the "More" section.

CheatPlanet: Is still alive and well! The Cheats & Guides button is proof.

News tips: Have info? Share it with us by hitting that "More" button or emailing directly to

Rest assured there are more changes on the way. But for now, what do you think about the new presentation? And for that matter, how's the content stream treating you these days? Let us know in the comments below or in our lovelyforums.

May 19, 2010

Brett Elston

A fomer Executive Editor at GamesRadar, Brett also contributed content to many other Future gaming publications including Nintendo Power, PC Gamer and Official Xbox Magazine. Brett has worked at Capcom in several senior roles, is an experienced podcaster, and now works as a Senior Manager of Content Communications at PlayStation SIE.