Buy games, get discounts, give money to charity

If you want to express your philanthropic side when buying all those anticipated end-of-year games this holiday season, check out It's like Google Shopping or any other shopping search site,but purchases made through it result in charitable contributions.

You can either punch in the store you want to shop at, and then browse as normal, orsearch for a product across all of GoodShop's retail partners to find the site's best deal.

Even if you're just window shopping, you'll be helping out, as every time you do a search, you're donating money to a charity of your choice. Each search drums up less than one cent, but in a world of millions of web surfers, it adds up.

"People are saving money and helping a cause they care about at the same time at no extra cost! It%26rsquo;s a form of philanthropy that works for everyone in this tough economy!" wrote GoodShop in a press release.

The sitealso has an embeddedcoupon tracker, so you can finddeals on Amazon or virtually any other site, all while helping out cancer research, animal protection, or underprivileged youths.

We don't see anything about the site to complain about, so we'd consider buying replacement controllers or cases of Red Bull throughit.Would you? You know, for thatwarm, fuzzy feeling...the kind you get from aperfect headshot. OK, maybe it's a slightly different feeling.

Nov 15, 2010