Best Buy enters the unholy land of used games

Nevertheless, buying a game for $7 and selling it to someone else for $30 is still a pretty good deal, and Best Buy profits have been in decline lately. What better way to start lining the store's pockets again than letting broke gamers do the lining themselves?

Beginning this Sunday, gamers who trade in qualifying titles will earn a $20 bonus on top of the regular trade-in value. Also, in an extremely bold move of transparency, the trade-in values are available onBest Buy's website, which could influence which games traders are willing to bring in. GameStop would rather you didn’t notice that they only gave you 50 cents for a one-time best selling game.

Aug 26, 2010

EA Sports attacks used game sales by locking online modes
Don't worry, Activision, EA won't let the gamer-rage spotlight sit on you for too long