Assassin's Creed Empire & Oculus Rift priced: The Weekly Wrap up

Hello! And welcome to the first Wrap Up proper of the year (not including the New Year's 'Big Games of 2016' Reader Poll, which was apparently wrong for most people, despite the whole 'being voted for ' thing.

This week we take a look at the rumoured Assassin's Creed: Egypt, or Empire to give it its alleged code name, while calming Lou's disappointment that it could well skip a year and arrive in 2017.

We also look at what's going on with virtual reality now that it's actually here. Oculus Rift is first out the gate with a less than popular $600/£500 starting price, turning the VR dream into a thing you can now actually own. In March. If you're relatively well off and don't mind risking the first-gen of an unproven technology.

All that and at least three, maybe four jokes, in this week's Wrap Up. Oh, and I had a hair cut. Thanks for noticing.

Leon Hurley
Senior Guides Co-ordinator

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