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Allison Road drops Kickstarter and picks up a publisher

Allison Road (opens in new tab), a horror game inspired by the playable teaser for the since-cancelled Silent Hills, has had the plug pulled on its Kickstarter campaign. Don't be sad, though; the crowdfunding campaign was dropped because development studio Lilith has found (opens in new tab) a publishing partner with Team17.

While Team17 is best known for the Worms games, the business also operates an indie-focused label that helps smaller developers in various ways. Earlier this year, Yooka-Laylee (opens in new tab) developer Playtonic Games partnered with Team17, as did Beyond Eyes (opens in new tab) developer Tiger & Squid. So don't go thinking you'll suddenly be tossing Holy Hand Grenades in Allison Road, because Team17 has experience handling a variety of games.

The cancellation of the Kickstarter does mean the cancellation of backer rewards, but Lilith write in an update to their Kickstarter page that they are looking into ways to get fans "involved in the game at a later date." While we're on the subject of dates, Lilith did not specify if this new arrangement would lead to a new release date. The current window listed on the campaign's FAQ is the end of 2016.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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