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1 million reasons to play Tetris again

How many hours have you spent playing Tetris over the course of your life? The Russian-made puzzler is one of the few videogame classics that feels just as playable today as it did when it first released, which is one reason why we still find ourselves drawn to remakes over two decades after the game first released in 1984.

Today, Tetris Online, Inc., the creators of Tetris Friends Online Games recently announced that it has surpassed 1 million users. The community-based online version of the game brings lots of clever tweaks to the table without ruining what made the original puzzle game so much fun, adding lots of extra singleplayer tweaks and multiplayer modes.

Trust us. This isn’t one of those crappy fan-made Flash clones. This is the real deal. Maybe that’s why this “casual†game has received “hardcore†approval by our friends at PC Gamer when it made their list of the “Top 100 Games of All Time†in their February, 2010 issue.

Above: We made an account called “GRSux.†We picked a shark avatar becausewe like sharks. Then the internet destroyed us at Tetris Friends

You can head to
www.tetrisfriends.comto try it out. TheFacebook versionof the game is also quite addictive – and while we’re talking about Facebook, don’t forget tobecome a fan of GamesRadar.comto keep up on the latest news and embarrassing photographs of our editors.