Why Freedom Fighters needs a sequel

The squad shooter hasn’t evolved since, it’s time for the king to return to the throne

IO Interactive%26rsquo;s epic squad-based shooter is one of the most criminally overlooked games of the last generation. Really, you should be feeling Okami levels of shame if you didn%26rsquo;t buy it. Nearly everyone who plays it remembersthe gamefondly, yet there%26rsquo;s rarely been talk of a sequel.

During a recent Kane and Lynch 2 event, Mads Prahm, one of the lead designers on Freedom Fighters, hinted to our very own Dave Houghton that he considered thetitle to be a current franchise. So with that tiny spark of hope that there could yet be a sequel to the charming 2003 shooter, we tell you, and hopefully anyone reading at EA (it published the first game), why the world needs a sequel.

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