En Masse Entertainment, developer of the gorgeous MMO Tera, announced today that they're rolling out an all new player-versus-player battleground system to their combat-focused MMO.

As seen in the screens above and the video below, the new battleground tasks two teams with capturing and controlling three critical points on a map, with the added challenge of having to deal with giant boss monsters stomping across the battlefield. Matches will total up to 30 players.

As mentioned above, Tera is an extremely combat-focused MMO, and it's quite possibly the only MMO to have truly live-action combat (most MMOs like WoW are just really fast turn-based games.) In Tera, however you slice and cast in real-time. With such a huge focus on combat it seems only natural that a PvP component was added eventually.

The Battlegrounds will be introduced with the Argon Queen update which will be released for free on August 22. The update will also include new player spells, a new 20-person raid, and new dungeons as well.


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