Heroes videogame on the way

Ubisoft to create third-person action game for PC and console based on the TV series, reveals report

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According toThe Hollywood Reporter, Ubisoft will publish a third-person PC and console action game based on the Heroes TV series.The game%26rsquo;s slated for release in winter 2008.

"All along we've been writing some of our stories in ways they can tie into the eventual videogame," said Heroes co-exec producer Jesse Alexander.

The game will focus on the entire cast of Heroes characters, with the storyline slotting in between seasons and acting as a plot bridge.

"The game also is expected to play a crucial role in how the show's writers explore cross-platform storytelling for future seasons," wrote The Hollywood Reporter.

TheHeroes game marks a second licensing deal announcement from Ubisoft this week.Earlier this week,the publisher revealedthat itjoined forces with James Cameron to develop a game based on the director's forthcoming movie Avatar.

July 26, 2007

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